Z Wedding: The Wedding Boutique with the Most Positive Reviews

Let’s take a trip to the past, around 2009, and talk about how couples used to decide which bridal boutique or wedding vendor they would sign up for. Most couples would go through the tedious process of attending wedding shows and sit in on many sales talks. They will look at numerous template portfolios to see pictures of pristine couples in perfect poses. They will also flip through magazines in hopes of finding inspiration for a dream gown. On top of which, even after all the research, they will ask their friends which companies they signed up with and more often than not just go with that recommendation. In the end, the vendors will have more say in their wedding packages because the couples have already committed to a deposit. That is why vendors are able to push out wedding materials like a factory production line. Couples who signed up would normally lower their expectations, hope that they are lucky to find suitable outfits, and be thankful if they are assigned an understanding photographer. In a sense, couples will be looking for positive results in the dark.

Now let’s bring you back to 2019, the age of social media. The Internet and its sharing platform is such a powerful tool. Your voice can now be heard as you contribute your experiences on various service providers, and the bridal industry is abuzz with online activity! Through these collective voices, gown and photography shopping is now much less risky. You can gather information from other people’s first hand and unbiased experiences.

At Z Wedding and Chris Ling International, we understand the power of social media and we embrace all of it. After all, without our couple’s contributions, we will not be able to size up what we should really give you. Through our hard work, transparency, and consistency, we are proud to announce that we received numerous positive reviews! Positive reviews stem from the fact that we know how to deliver from start to finish over the course of many months leading to your big day, and we will never just focus at the sales stage and hang you out to dry. In short, we won’t go into a relationship with you for money and dump you!

Understanding that this relationship is a long term one is also the reason why the bridal boutique and photography/video studio are two different entities. It requires the collaboration of different sets of professionals to carry you along this beautiful journey. Furthermore, these two aspects are what all brides and grooms worry about the most. So we would like our dedicated teams to reassure you that you’re in safe hands.

Enough with hearing from us, let’s hear it from the many couples we have had the privilege to serve over the years. The Z Wedding and Chris Ling combination has one of the most positive reviews online. On top of reviews from other sources, we have also created a YouTube playlist of the real couples sharing their very real experiences. They talk about their wedding journey, share their emotions, and relate how they made it to the big day!

Take this as a formal invitation and see these reviews for yourself!

Chris Ling International Playlist: Link here.

Z Wedding Playlist: Link here.

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