Why You Will Not Regret Having an Actual Day Wedding Video

Couples often budget fittingly for the services of a professional wedding photographer on their wedding day, after all this special day needs to be appropriately documented. The wedding photos will be uploaded to social media platforms and shared with friends and relatives, one or two favourite shots framed and printed out to put in a photo album to cherish for the future generations.

On the other hand, many couples don’t consider a wedding video and sometimes decide they want it long after they have booked and paid for all the other things. They may attend a friend’s wedding and observe the filming in action, eliciting a ‘we should include this’ response. They may see a couple of wedding videos online and realize they actually like the idea, despite the fact that they’ve never thought about it before.

If you have never considered having an actual day wedding video, or you’re unsure about having one, keep on reading this article you will find out why you should have a wedding video on your actual day. Here are a couple of justifications:

Capturing everything

They only provide a snapshot of a moment in time. In contrast, wedding videos capture sound as well as movement. Thanks to a wedding video, you will be able to see the sparkle in your partner’s eye and hear your mom’s laughter plus your father’s toast. Moreover, you will also see yourself speaking and mingling with your guests, that memorable ‘I do’ moment, and hear all the wedding day speeches. Moving images plus sound engage your senses much deeper compared to a still photograph, and that’s why they create a lasting impression.

Check what you missed

Your wedding day will pass by quickly, and sadly, you will not be able to catch everything that happens at the present time. For instance, you will not be able to catch a glimpse of your flower girls marching down the aisle since the bride’s entry is reserved for the last. You will not see the emotion in your parents’ eyes during that lovely ‘I do’ moment. You might not also see your mother-in-law dancing while you are interacting with guests. However, our Chris Ling International Photographers are skilled in capturing all these moments in your wedding video, allowing you to enjoy watching what you missed during your wedding day.

Easily shareable

Sometimes not everyone you love will be able to attend your wedding for a host of reasons. For example, they may miss a flight, fall sick or get tied up with work. This is another reason why you should capture your special day on video. Your videographer can create short clips that you can upload on social media and share with your loved ones. The edited version will be full of unique highlights from your special day. Consequently, those who weren’t able to attend can feel like they were also in attendance.

Relive the moment

Even though you cannot frame and display your wedding film on your wall and watch it each day like you would with your wedding prints, you can choose on a few occasions to watch it and relive the moment. You can host your wedding entourage a few weeks after the wedding and watch the film. Another option is to watch it every year on your wedding anniversary. You can be sure the memories of that special day will flood back again.

By working with professionals from the Chris Ling International Photographers, you can rest assure with the wedding videography you receive and enjoy having an actual day wedding film that you can share with your loved ones and have the memories of that special day flood back to you.

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