What is Wedding Videography All About?

Now, you are all familiar with wedding photography. However, have you considered about how important videography plays a role in your wedding? While photography functions to capture moments and freeze them to become a lifetime memory, wedding day videography focuses on documenting raw and candid moments in your wedding so you can relive your memories in a more lively fashion.

While wedding photography is important, you should also make plans to engage a professional videographer. Your wedding is definitely worth getting documented as you are only marrying your greatest love once in your lifetime and our Chris Ling International Photographers are perfect in executing it. In this article, we help you understand more about actual day wedding videography in Singapore.

What Is a Wedding Videographer?
A wedding videographer is the person responsible in capturing live events on your actual wedding day. A video may consist of directed scenarios or simply those special, raw, and candid moments that are worth documenting.

How Does a Wedding Videographer Work?
Videographers usually have a niche they are expert to work on, in this case, weddings. Wedding videographers capture footages and compile them together to create a continuous film which will then be available for viewing on the same day (called the same day edit video) or to be given along with the processed photos a few weeks after the wedding.

Why Should I Include a Videographer in My Wedding?
If you ask any other couples, they would always prefer to get a glimpse of their own weddings from a third person point of view. Besides, the wedding couple will often be too busy during the event itself to pay attention to most details, and that would mean missing out on seeing any precious moments in the audience. Wedding celebrations go so quickly that it may seem like a blur. A great way to reminisce all the happenings is to have it documented by a professional videographer.

Although not necessarily a “need” to make a wedding celebration complete, a well documented event can become something special to the future generations of the family you are about to build.

How Much Should I Prepare for A Wedding Videographer?
For the prices, they vary among videographers. Of course, you should expect that videographers who have been in the business for so long now would ask for a higher price compared to those who are just starting. However, their experience and expertise ensures that you will get the value for your buck. When it comes to your wedding photography and videography, you do not want to engage an amateur, only to realise that the photos and videos captured are nothing like your expectations.

If you will like to find out more about the Chris Ling International Photographers, feel free to give us a call at 6327 8880 or drop us an email at enquiries@chrisling.com for more information.

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