Wedding Photographers: Professional vs Rising Star

Just like any other details of your wedding, deciding whether to hire someone from the list of some of the best wedding photographers in the country or someone who is a rising talent can be a bit daunting. Of course, you will be working on a budget, and that is why you should carefully plan and consider different pros and cons of availing services from either one of the two options that are being laid in front of you.

These photographers, before stepping out to deal with clients have gone through basic photography courses in Singapore to start their careers. The only difference is that professional photographers had gone extensive and intensive training to get where there are standing today. On the other hand, rising talents just receive a few training sessions and started to embark on the journey to gain experiences.

There is nothing wrong with that, though. However, you might want to consider things and do a bit of research to know where you should invest your money. Doing research can make you ponder on things, and think about what exactly are the difference between professional and rising star photographers. Well, aside from state of the equipment, below are some of the differences between a pro and a joe.

Also, below are some of the reasons to help you decide if you should hire someone who has been in the business for a long time or someone who is just starting. Read more about it below to learn more:


When planning a wedding, you are definitely working on a budget. You have to plan carefully in order not to waste a single centavo. Of course, hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most essential and important aspects of planning. You have to consider several things before arriving at a decision. First, you have to learn and assess various packages being offered by each photographer while making a series of pros and cons. This is where deciding between a professional and amateur photographer comes in. Without a doubt, a professional photographer would charge more than the amateur one, but you can be guaranteed that he or she will deliver results that are beautiful and worth the money. Now, we are not saying that amateur photographers produce lesser attractive content. However, you might want to reconsider things since documenting a wedding beautifully is the first thing that you will look forward.


Professional photographers have been building their arsenal since the beginning of time so expect a more dynamic and state of the art equipment to be used in your photoshoot and actual wedding day shoot. On the other hand, rising star talents may have only the basics, but that also does not mean they will compromise quality. Remember, it is the skill that counts, and equipment only comes in at second.


Probably one of the most critical aspect and factor that you need to consider is the personality and professionalism of the photographer that you are aiming to hire. Regardless if he or she is already a topnotch or a starting photographer, attitude and how he or she adapts to various clients is very important. Moreover, it takes more than being professional or amateur when you know how to deal with clients effectively.

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