Types of Wedding Photography You Can Go For

Wedding photography is the general term for shoots and documentation pertaining to everything with regards to a wedding. But, did you know that wedding photography actually houses a lot of genres and themes that you can go for to make your shoot and photos unique and one of a kind?

Wedding photography has plenty of genres that you can check out to utilize for your very own shoot, whether is it for your indoor wedding studio photography or outdoor shoot. At Chris Ling International Photographers, we will help you create the most eye-catching, pleasing, and beautiful photos with a personalized theme that matches your personality, style, and attitude. Understand about the different types of wedding photography styles that you can go for below!

The Traditional
As the name implies, traditional wedding photography involves the usual shots of couple lovingly looking at each other and perfectly choreographed movements to produce lovely and dreamy photos for your pre wedding photography. Traditional wedding photography involves having your actual day wedding photographer or videographer capturing important moments of the event in the typical way of shooting photos like the slicing of the cake, exchange of vows, and the likes of it. Usually, traditional wedding photos are those that you can see being framed up for wedding portraits.

 Shooting Through Film
Film cameras are amazing. They capture the most subtle, soft, organically looking, and pleasing photos. Each photo can look different depending on the film used, plus the grainy and subtle fade effect creates a dreamy and whimsical touch to the hardcopies of the photo. Although, you might have to be aware that films are a bit costly and involves extra costs for processing. Another thing is, processing can take a really long time so patience is a must if you opt to shoot using films!

Editorial shoots can be attributed similarly to shoots for fashion magazines. Typically, editorial shoots comprise of strong facial expressions and making a statement in your photos. Photographers pay a great amount of attention to your visuals and observe if you are doing and making a high impact and doing the right posing. Most photos appear dramatic and structured, and the props typically look luxurious and high-end. These types of images can be a bit of a work to do, but it is something unique as compared to the other genres.

Lifestyle Photography
You might be wondering what lifestyle photography is all about. Lifestyle photography in wedding photoshoots can be related to photojournalism where most shots are candid and raw. However, there is still a subtle direction and styling in each framed shot in order to create a balanced photo album. Lifestyle photography gives off a more relaxed and laid-back vibe in wedding photos.

There are many other types of genres that you can try out for your wedding photo shoots. Whether it is for your indoor or outdoor shoot, our team of best wedding photographers here at Chris Ling International Photographers will offer you our professional opinions and ideas to create a lovely experience for you and your partner. If you will like to find out more about the Chris Ling International Photographers and our wedding photography packages, feel free to give us a call at 6327 8880 or drop us an email at enquiries@chrisling.com for more information.