How to Turn Your Wedding Album into a Creative Keepsake

Creative photos are already given for both pre-wedding and actual wedding day pictures, however, have you considered being extra inventive when it comes to your wedding album? Your gorgeous photos only deserve an album that is special, creative, and speak of your own style to make it even more memorable and exquisite.

Usually, wedding albums are already included in most wedding photography packages offered in Singapore. While some charges a few more bucks for them to put your photos in a personalised album. Compiled photos in a beautiful album is a great way to express yourselves and also makes looking back more eventful and meaningful.

On the other hand, if you are the type who wants to get creative and put your wedding photos in an album yourself, it can get pretty overwhelming especially when it comes to designing the overall look of it.

Confused? Take a deep breath and focus as we have got a few ideas for you to get you started:

If you want to get creative with words, try adding poems that speak of love, devotion, and faithfulness. The best way to do this is to buy a blank scrapbook-like album so you can also write the poems yourself. You can try simple calligraphy or lettering DIYs you can find on the internet. Paste photos beside poems or encircle a poem with photos. Your call! It is your album, after all.

Choose A Theme
Another way to get innovative and inventive when it comes to building your album is through choosing a theme. You can pattern it according to your pre-wedding shoot or actual wedding day photos. For example, is your photographer using film? Then create vintage. Did your pre-wedding photo shoot happen inside a photo studio rental in singapore? Then making it even more creative by playing with decorations to complement the look of the minimalism of the studio. Is your wedding theme lean on the fairy-tale side? Play with colours! No matter how you are going to build your album, remember that it is a matter of your style.

Tell A Story
Build your wedding album starting from your pre-wedding photos. From there, build photos through pages to start telling a story. You can arrange the photos so as it follows the movement of your eyes to capture the attention of anyone who is viewing the album.

Patterned Pages
Play with textures and different patterns along the pages but make sure that they are complementary to one another. Textures and patterns create dimension, making it pleasing to the eyes of whoever will view and scan your album. It also speaks about personal style and expression.

Now that you have an idea on what you can do to your wedding album, the most important that you need to keep in mind is to be organised despite wanting to express full creativity. Sometimes, controlling how many photos are there in a page is the key to producing great outputs. Remember, each photo should be showcased and not to be overshadowed by others. Good luck!

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