Tips To Look Gorgeous For Your Pre Wedding Shoot

On your wedding day, people’s eyes will definitely be on you. Whether you like it or not, there will be prying eyes trying to assess your overall look—from your hair, makeup, down to your wedding dress and aura. As camera flashes, hiring your best wedding photographers will seem like they are paparazzi stalking you and will follow you anywhere you go. Your actual wedding day look should differ from your pre-wedding day style and aura. Typically, wedding day make-up and hairstyle are more subtle and natural to complement the solemn ceremony you are about to partake in.

As a bride, you have to make sure that you will look your absolute best and you are confident to strut down the aisle in your most magnificent ensemble. If you are feeling nervous about your look for your actual wedding day, check out these simple tips below to boost your confidence and empower yourself. Besides, there is nothing you should be afraid of as long as you remain true to yourself!

Drink Plenty Of Water
The key to a glowing, healthy, and bouncy looking skin is to hydrate yourself adequately. Providing your cells with enough water bring in moisture and hydration to reveal a plump and baby-looking skin. It keeps your cells from being dehydrated which makes your skin look dull and void of life. In order to keep yourself properly hydrated from day to day, it is best to keep a water bottle with you always so you get to be reminded to drink every now and then.

Eat Plenty And Healthy
To boost up your body’s resistance against sickness that will make you look void of life, it is best to eat plenty of healthy foods to ensure that you are keeping tab of nutrients circulating your body. Eating unhealthy foods may eventually take its toll not only on your body but it will also get reflected to your skin. Replace your caffeine with a warm cup of lemon water to help you detox and have a cup of calming, decaffeinated tea at night to help you relax.

Use Natural Lighting
On the day of your wedding, take advantage of using natural lighting to help highlight and bring out your natural assets. Natural lighting is the best form of lighting out there to make your photos look subtle, raw, and genuine in appearance. Compared to artificial lighting used in photo studio rentals in singapore, natural light is not as harsh, making it a great source if you want to look magnificent in your pictures.

Know Your Angles
Knowing how to pose and flaunting your best angle ensure that you look good and more confident in your photos. If you are unsure where and what kind of angle you will look best, try practising in front of a mirror a few weeks before your wedding. Posing and finding the right angle is definitely critically. You may also ask advice from your photographer as he or she are more versed in this field. Asking for opinion is the best option out there to help you look good in your photos.

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