Things to Prepare for an Outdoor Photo shoot

So the day for your most awaited pre wedding shoot has come, but you are still wondering what things you need to prepare to nail each and every shot. Your pre-wedding photo shoot should be fun and creative as much as possible, and through our photographer from Chris Ling will be there to guide you, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to create something yourself that tells a story about you and your significant partner.

Before your outdoor photo shoot, make a list of the things that you want to bring and the story in every photo that you want to create. Remember, photos are stills that can help tell a story to people who will see them. Being creative and resourceful helps a lot in making every shot standout and letting people understand the message that you want to convey.

Aside from the usual props that you can think of, we have listed down a few tips that can definitely help you nail that pre wedding photoshoot outdoors!


The weather can get very unpredictable on most days, and you would not want that to ruin your day. Bringing a handy umbrella can serve both as a prop and a shield to unexpected weather conditions. Umbrellas can add a dramatic effect to photos and it can serve as a beautiful prop that you can utilize no matter the weather.

Change of clothes

Spice up your photos by changing a couple of clothes for every several shots. Of course, you have to consider the theme for your shoot before packing some clothes. Also, consider the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Another example for you to have a fun photo shoot is to bring clothing that can bring you and your partner back to the past, say, during the time you first met. It can be your high school uniform, if applicable, or college souvenir shirts—simply anything that can bring back sweet memories!

Skin protection

Of course, an outdoor photo shoot means braving the heat and harmful rays of the sun. So keeping a bottle of sunscreen handy is quite essential. One reason to protect your skin as well as to keep it healthy looking until the very day of the wedding. You would not want to look sunburnt on the day itself, would you?

Emergency kit

Bringing a small box of emergency necessities such as sewing materials and medicines is very handy. It can save you from a headache, allergy attacks, and accidental wardrobe malfunction. Of course, at Chris Ling, you can trust your wedding photography team to handle such emergency situations. Looking your best for your wedding shoot attracts positive vibes and can make your photos look amazing.

Your best smile

What is a wedding photo shoot without you and your significant other’s best and genuine smile? When they take photos of couples, photographers always love seeing their warm and heartfelt smile. This is simply because a sincere smile can always be reflected in a photo, and can also be felt by people who will be seeing the photos. Have fun with your photographer and remove the stress of taking a ‘perfect’ photo. Just put your trust in our photographers to capture the best version of you!

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