Things to Discuss with Your Actual Day Wedding Photographer

The primary purpose of hiring a wedding photographer for your forthcoming wedding day is to capture those beautiful moments involving you and your partner, the guests, family and friends on that special day. To get the best quality shots on your wedding day, you will need to find a professional photographer whose work you adore, and whose style strikes a chord with you.

When you have done that, the next important thing is to communicate with the photographer about what your expectations are. Remember, even the renowned photographers can’t read the minds of the bride and groom. As such, it’s important to let them know your expectations of the type of shots they are going to take at your wedding. Do not assume anything because priorities do differ from one couple to another.

Failure to let your photographer know what you expect to see in your wedding photos may end up causing you a lot of disappointment with the outcomes. Here are some of the things you should discuss with your actual day wedding photographer.

The type of shots you want

If there are specific shots that you badly want during your actual day wedding photography, inform your photographer about it in advance. These shots could be anything from you posing with your mother who is your beloved person in the universe, to you and your spouse kissing adjacent to the pool because that is where he went down on one knee and proposed to you. Because the photographer is not aware that these are momentous to you, he might not capture them much to your disappointment.

Timetable for the day

Coming up with a clear timetable of the day’s proceedings is crucially important to make sure everything you desire to happen, actually goes on as planned. This includes scheduling time for some bride and groom photos as well as formal shots if need be. Some weddings have proceedings like tea ceremonies for Chinese weddings. By letting the photographer know about the timetable, he or she can know where to be to capture all the magic moments.

You don’t want to miss out on something significant because of lack of time or a miscommunication. Consider adding a few buffer zones if any activity on the day overruns.

Contact person for the day

Both you and your partner won’t have time to talk to the photographer on your wedding day. Therefore, choose a contact person whom the photographer can liaise with on the actual day. This could be your uncle, cousin or friend. The contact person should be someone who can marshal the crowd if necessary and respond to any request from the photographer as quickly as possible.
A sit-down with your wedding photographer is important to make sure you communicate your expectations to him and avoid disappointments.

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