The Chris Ling Studio

Studio photography has not been receiving more credit then it deserves, and his studio is something Chris is rather passionate about. Understandably so since he started his started his company from his 2 storey (now 3 storey) house. It holds many memories, and have seen enough midnight oils burnt to sustain the fuel consumption for a small nation. This studio saw many couples wed, and countless delightful expressions of love and joy, and I do hope it bears memories for all our husbands- and wives-to-be. In fact, we would like to keep studio photography alive so much so that our couples can re-live their memories on all their anniversaries.

Here’s a little article on the studio photography (link here) describing how money can buy equipment, but it can’t buy the craft of lighting. It was because of Chris’ bold move to provide directional and ambient lighting in the 90s, versus the harsh frontal lighting commonly seen in many studios then, that successfully set him apart from the others. It was also during a time where it was assumed such experimentation on wedding portraits were frowned upon, but the assumptions remained assumptions, and they were unfounded. Which is a good thing.

Consider yourself being on the set of a fashion shoot. It would be an interesting experience indeed, especially since all the brain juices and manual labour required in setting up a one-of-a-kind studio in Singapore have already been borne by us.

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