The Bridal Beauty Success

The Bridal Beauty was one of the many event collaborations with our boutique partner Z Wedding, but it was a first with Dr. Georgia Lee and her esteemed label DrGL. Our anticipations were rewarded with another success! We would also like to venue partner, the Amara Singapore, for joining in the festivities.

Many of the brides in attendance took with them on that day in-depth information on caring for their skin. Dr. Lee went all out to answer issues all women, and some men too had. Her team went so far as to bring in the equipment for brides to get a first-hand experience on skin treatments without needing to book an appointment. That right there had already saved them a hefty consultation fee from the famous doctor!

Which gown would go with your now glowing skin? Z Wedding’s creative director Joey Ling was also on hand to provide details on how to choose the right wedding gown. From body shapes to gown types, she provided much-needed advice on where to start when searching for that dream dress.

Last but not least, our very own Chris Ling provided insights on photography tricks and angles. He shared how he is able to create beautiful and timeless moments for your wedding album.

It was indeed a day for bridal and beauty treats. The participants wasted not a minute of their time. Hence, they went home with lucrative knowledge that ensured a stress-free wedding journey with lesser worries!

Keep a lookout on Z Wedding and our pages for more of such events. We will definitely be organizing similar couple beneficial activities!

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