Romantic Spots in Singapore For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot has since then become a tradition before walking down the aisle and exchanging your vows with your significant other for that happily ever after. It is as if pre-wedding photo shoot has become a “rite of passage” that welcomes you to the world of soon-to-be-married couples. Just like the rest of the planning phase for your wedding ceremony, a pre-wedding photo shoot entails carefully organising details in place for a seamless shoot experience.

Of course, everyone wants to have a picturesque and marvellous photo for their wedding, and you might think that you will not be able to do so since you are in a stump or stuck in a specific wedding photography package. However, did you also know that Singapore offers a handful of locations for you to have a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot?

With just the right amount of research and ideas on hand, you are surely in for a thrilling ride of a pre-wedding photoshoot. Discuss your ideas and location preferences to your photographer and both parties may work it out from there to create an output everyone will surely love and cherish.

To give you a jump start on your photo shoot, below are some of the most romantic spots in Singapore perfect for a pre-wedding photography session:

Marina Bay Sands
You might probably think that this place is already a mainstream one, however, Marina Bay Sands never fails to provide that romantic feel to photos. Apart from the beautiful architecture that is definitely a sight to behold, the way it creates a breath-taking panoramic view is something fitting for a pre-wedding shoot. In fact, we cannot think of any more reasons what is not to love about Marina Bay Sands. It is simply beautiful without trying very hard. A classic choice.

Universal Studios Singapore
If you and your significant other fancies something more fun and exciting, then Universal Studios Singapore is the perfect location for you! Aside from the fact that it offers different backdrops for your photos, it is a unique place to do your photoshoot due to the quaint and intimate vibes the location has to offer. With various themed locations inside the park, you are definitely in for a more romantic photoshoot experience!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Nothing beats a huge park boasting with greeneries! Singapore Botanic Gardens is filled to the brim with flowers, trees, and bushes that make the whole place picturesque and breath-taking. It is simply intimate, romantic, and captures the emotional feel of the photo as the flowers and greens add the perfect spice to the shots.

It is known worldwide that Sentosa is the place to be if you are opting for a beach themed photoshoot. A classic, if we may say, beach photos are romantic and intimate. Accompanied by the soft waves touching the luscious, white sand and the pristine clear waters, it definitely creates a serene and peaceful environment perfect for a wedding photoshoot.

One of the most underrated places in Singapore is Chijmes. If you want an escape or simply want your photos to look a bit different like it was a blast from the past, consider doing a photo shoot in Chijmes. It is adorned with a colonial-style building that screams old school which is perfect if you want that dramatic backdrop for your pre-wedding photos.

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