How to Reduce Nervousness on Your Wedding Day

There is definitely a different kind of thrill that you can feel the moment you get engaged to the love of your life. However, once these feelings of excitement and surprise wane, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the idea of planning for a wedding—but that is perfectly fine. Needless to say, the day of the actual wedding will bring even more bouts of nervousness to a bride and groom.

At Chris Ling International Photographers, we understand that weddings itself are full of emotions and can definitely cause stress not only for you, but to everyone that is part of the planning team. With a lot of things going on in your mind, it is inevitable to get nervous and get anxious especially in dealing with all these guests that are meant to attend your wedding ceremony.

It is inevitable to think about the most random things a few hours before your wedding, including the most minor details like if the place has already been set up, if the actual day wedding photographer is already present or if the food being served is sufficient for the guests.

To help you get through the nerve-wracking nervousness on the day of your wedding, let us help you out in calming your senses down. In this article, we will be talking about some tips that you can do to ease nervousness and anxiety to make your wedding the happiest moment of your life!

Do Proper Planning Before Your Actual Wedding Day
The success of your actual wedding day comes a lot from the amount of preparation you have made prior to the actual day. To put your mind at ease, make sure that you find a reliable bridal boutique to handle your wedding ensemble needs, a responsible venue host that will tend to your reception and banquet needs as well as the best wedding photographers to cover your days’ events. Knowing that you have got all these aspects nailed down perfectly will help reduce a lot of stress and burden on you.

Talk About What Worries You
Instead of bottling up your feelings, it is advisable for you to talk it out with someone you can trust, like your friends or family members. Being able to voice out your concerns alleviate the heaviness that you feel in your heart. Also, it is likely that your experienced friends and family will give you assurance that everything you are worrying about is uncalled for and ensure that your wedding day will proceed smoothly and as planned.

Take A Deep Breath
Sometimes, the heavy feeling that you experience a few hours before your wedding is due to the short breaths you have been taking due to the rush and adrenaline. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly to relax your tensed muscles and release negative thoughts from your mind. Taking a deep breath has a chance of reducing your stress levels and decreasing the worries you have in your mind.

Think Positive
Although easier said than done, thinking positive creates a good impact in your well-being, especially on the day of your wedding. Think about how beautiful the day will be and start composing yourself. A confident you can easily strut down the wedding aisle as the time for the wedding comes. Think about the guests who are as happy as you are in celebrating such a joyous occasion together with your future husband or wife.

Pamper Up
A few days before the wedding, why not go out and allot some time for yourself? It can be any form of relaxation like going to a spa, watching a movie alone, or simply reading your favourite book over a cup of delicious coffee. Whatever it is, do something that can make you re-focus on something else rather than gushing or stressing over a perfectly planned wedding.

Smiling and simply enjoying the moment attracts positive vibes that is important on your wedding day. Allow your wedding photographer to capture the most beautiful smile on your face! Remember, wedding days are meant to be fun and keep in mind that it can only be amazing if you allow it to be!

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