Wedding Day Photography

Wedding Day Photographers: SGD2600

Ashley Cheang
Jez Lim
Joseph Kwok
Kelvin Lee
Samuel Kwok
Steven Soh


Senior / Chief Photographers: SGD3800 / SGD4800

Darrel Chia

Nick Ng



Sean Aye
Kelvin Chean
Melvin Wong
Roy Yong
Tommy Goh
Shins Liang
Matthias Chng
Tennant Lim                                                                                                                                      


Our team of excellent photographers (above) are all highly capable and can help you to immortalise the highlights of your actual day wedding.


During the 8 hours photography service, the photographers will capture all the heartwarming moments during your wedding. Every smile and gentle gaze between you and your partner will be captured in excellent quality. All images will be returned, allowing you to see what happened throughout your wedding from another perspective.


For wedding day photography services by our director, Chris Ling himself, the price for the package will be SGD$2,000/ hour. All images will be returned as well.

Studio/Outdoor Photography

Our studio or outdoor wedding photography package is priced at SGD$3,200.


All images taken will be returned to you after the photography session. Our professional photographers will do their best to offer you advice on your poses, ensuring that they capture your best angles. Our team of photographers are highly experienced and can help you achieve your desired photography style.


The studio wedding photography shoot will be held in our very own studio at 22 Midview City. Our studio is known for being the biggest studio in Singapore and has a broad range of different setting for you to choose from. Many of our settings are regularly updated, ensuring that none of our customers will have completely identical pictures. With the many options available, you can spend an entire day in our studio, creating precious memories with your partner.


To provide excellent outdoor wedding photography services in Singapore, our team of photographers have trained relentlessly to hone their skills. As accredited to their extensive training, all of our photographers are capable of delivering different photography styles.

Wedding Day Videography

Our wedding day videography package includes

8 hour videography service

1 cameramen

Inclusive of express highlights

Filmed in high definition


The price of the wedding day videography package is SGD$3,800.


With a high-quality video capturing the highlights of your wedding day, you will always be able to remember the momentous occasion fondly. Our team will create an enchanting video inspired by your unique love story.


To enquire for more information regarding the price of our packages, contact us today. You can also learn more about the photography or videography services that we provide. Choose Chris Ling International Photographers for the best wedding photography experience in Singapore.

Singapore Wedding Photography Packages Price

Chris Ling International Photographers is a renowned wedding photography studio in Singapore with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer photography and videography services for both pre wedding and the actual day. Our highly skilled and talented team will help to immortalise your cherished memories, allowing you to remember your special day forever. Years after your wedding, the pictures and videos will serve as precious keepsakes for you to show your children, or even grandchildren.