Props To Spice Up Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Having fun and creative pre-wedding photo shoots do not necessarily mean that you have you splurge a great deal of money to re-create photos that scream romance and beauty. For a pre-wedding photo shoot to be fun, you can let your creative juices flow out and considering doing DIY props!

Your pre-wedding photo shoot requires careful planning and consideration of various factors such as the location, the theme, and the most important of all, the photography team who will be handling your photo shoot session. Are you considering hiring a team from the best wedding photographers in singapore? How about the location? These factors are essential but to make them even more exciting is through the use of props.

Use of props for photo shoot spices up the surroundings and overall feel of the photo. Especially when used for a wedding studio inspired photography session or a photography class in singapore, it adds more drama and emotions to your photos. Props, when used in photos, help in letting your guests know more about yours and your significant other’s love story. Messages are easier to convey through the use of various props when done correctly, plus, it instantly spices up each frame for memories worth looking back to.

Below are some of the most beautiful and widely used props in wedding shoots to help spice up your session:

Balloons are one of the most classic and versatile pre-wedding photo shoots prop out there. It is widely used by couples since it instantly adds drama and variation to each frame of their photos. Play around with various shapes, colours, and sizes of the balloons to create dimension and variety. Also, since balloons are a fun addition to your pre-wedding photo shoot, they can instantly bring out your natural smiles and genuine emotions, surely, you will look so good in front of the camera!

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights make each photo appear romantic and intimate. It adds beautiful and subtle lighting to photos for a demure effect. Fairy lights are also perfect if you are aiming for bokeh in your photos. It gives each shot a romantic touch and feels more magical compared to using simple lighting fixtures!

Using bubbles as props for your pre-wedding photo shoot does not only add fun and expressive way to photographs, but it can also serve as a way to re-live your childhood days! Bubbles can also be a key to help you release your most natural smiles and genuine emotions for a picture-perfect shot worth flaunting to the world.

If you are a pet lover, why not include them in your pre-wedding photo shoot? Aside from the fact that they are an important part of your lives, your pets are surely worth being in front of the lens to make everything even more meaningful. They make great extras and surely, you wouldn’t mind being with their cuteness invading your pre-wedding photo shoot.

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