A Project Timeline of Your Wedding Preparation

You got engaged, you announced it to your families and friends, and now what? What comes after the engagement? Do you have to jump over to the wedding preparation immediately? If you already want to dive headfirst into planning for your wedding, know that it includes more tasks than actually deciding if you want to have your pre-wedding photo shoot in a photo studio rental around singapore .

Your wedding is your special day, and so, it is only natural for you to plan everything carefully even to the smallest of details of your event.

Confused about where to start? Check out this article we made specifically just for you, so you get a glimpse of where to start and which services you need to book first before anything else.

Below is a project timeline for your wedding preparation for you to get an idea where to start:

12 to 10 months before: Envision your wedding
The key to making your dream wedding come true is to envision how you want it to be. Think about potential themes, number of guests, location, reception venue, and of course, your pre-wedding photo-shoot destination.  Also, during the early planning periods of your wedding, it is best to establish a budget and decide on a date. You can ask around for different opinions from your families and friends. Surely, they are willing to lend a helping hand.

10 to 8 months before: Photographers, gowns, and suits.
Now that you have concrete plans for your wedding and how you want it to be, it is now time to canvass and search for different services that you need for your wedding. The most crucial are the photographers, videographer, and the couturier who will be making the gowns and suits. As early as 8 to 10 months away from your wedding, it is preferred that you start booking your photographer and videographer as these services always stay on demand. Prior to booking, though, you might want to check for their wedding photography prices or how much do their wedding photography packages costs here in Singapore. Inquire also if the prices for their packages include that of an actual day wedding videographer for your singapore wedding.

8 to 6 months before: Book a venue
You have now a photographer and a team for your ensembles prepared. Now, you have to book a venue where your wedding will be held. It is better to book a venue ahead of time, say, at least 8 to 6 months before the wedding, so you get to snag your dream location and maybe a good deal out of it. As long as you have a concrete plan in mind, it is easier to decide on a wedding venue.

6 to 4 months: Invitations, wedding rings, catering, cakes, etc
Down to six months before your wedding, you might want to focus on other details such as your invitations, rings, food, and cakes. Choose a caterer that matches your taste and personality, invitations designed according to your theme, and select a ring of your dreams. These details are small, but they are very important.

4 to 2 months: Send out invitations, order the cake
Send out the invitations to your guests at least a month or two before the wedding, so they have time to prepare. Around this time, ordering the cake you wish to have on your wedding day is a great idea as well to allow ample time for the maker to prepare.

2 months to 1 month: Last minute adjustments
Here you need to re-visit everything to ensure that all details are laid out smoothly. Select songs to be included in your wedding playlist and call your suppliers, caterers, and other services for confirmation.

Now that everything is put into their proper places, it is time to take some day out for yourself to prepare and freshen up for your upcoming big day. Best wishes!

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