Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Styles That You Can Re-Create

A pre-wedding photoshoot should always reflect you and your significant other’s personality and history of your love story. Planning to make the most beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot requires a couple of research and hands-on preparation to make everything worthwhile. What you can do is to think about what you really want to create or if there is anything that inspires you so that you can showcase that particular idea in your shoot.

The best wedding photographers will work together with you to come up with a style that will suit your ideals, as our practice is here at Chris Ling International Photographers. If you have finally found your preferred style, then you should just go for it. If not, then you should read on for a series of styles and ideas that can help you decide and plan for your much awaited photoshoot.

Nothing beats an old school style. Photos captured using film produces soft, delicately hued shots. However, the downside of using film as a way to capture your photos is that it requires more work and this could mean that you have to shell out a few more bucks for processing, scanning, and digitalizing the copies for use in your wedding. Nevertheless, film is a good choice if you want a reminiscent of your childhood.

Your Love Story
A fun idea would be making your pre wedding photography a form of storytelling to let your guests get a glimpse of you and your significant other’s history before marriage. Re-create your love story by using and utilizing things and memorabilia that matters most to the both of you. Incorporate them in your videos and photos to help you reminisce and make the photoshoot more meaningful.

Probably one of the pre-wedding photoshoot styles that are not often used or utilized by couples and photographers, documentary-style photos and videos are very unique. It captures the most candid and raw emotions for a more realistic feel on the materials. Documentary style shots and clips make everything more meaningful and creative and simply speaks about the genuineness of the relationship of the couple to the guests. You can even have the bride and groom’s loved ones or even the couple themselves to leave a video message at the end of the video.

A Special Destination
While some couples would opt to have their photoshoot locally, some prefer to go beyond by going abroad to have their pre wedding photos taken. Of course, doing so requires more budget and more preparation. One thing that you can do when choosing a special destination is to figure out what country you both want to visit and if it is feasible, then you can go ahead and have your photoshoot done in that particular country or place. A destination or place that is both special to you creates a lot of excitement and draws emotion out of the two of you which will be very helpful in the journey you will both be taking ahead.

These are just some styles that you can try out for your pre wedding photoshoot. You can come up with a common theme that can be used for both your outdoor photo shoot and indoor wedding studio photography and discuss these ideas with your consultant at Chris Ling International Photography.

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