Pre-wedding Photoshoot | Singapore Videography Price

At Chris Ling International Photographers, we provide both studio and outdoor pre-wedding photo shoots. No matter the location you choose, our priority will always be to provide you with stunning pictures of incomparable quality. The pr- wedding shoot is a significant process that you will likely remember for years, as the moments captured will be eternised in stunning pictures.

Our exclusive partnership with Z Wedding will help every couple to have their dream pre-wedding photo shoot at competitive prices. As one of the best bridal boutiques in Singapore, Z Wedding will handle the gowns, makeup and hairstyling. They have an excellent array of gorgeous dresses for you to choose from, and a highly experienced team to help you. Our many years of partnership with them has led to mutual trust and respect for creative space, ensuring that any problems during the process can be quickly resolved.


A pre-wedding photo shoot can be held in our specially designed studio at 22 Midview City, Singapore. Our 5,000 square feet studio has a broad range of unique settings and backdrops, allowing couples to choose one that will fit the concept that they have in mind. All of our photographers were trained to be able to capture the pictures while taking into account any technical difficulties, no matter how miniscule. Pictures will be captured under the best lighting and angle, allowing you and your partner to enjoy the pre-wedding photoshoot without worries.


Outdoor pre-wedding shoots in Singapore or overseas are possible as our team of photographers and videographers are not only talented, but also extremely dedicated. One day a month for every month, the team gathers together to brainstorm and familiarise themselves with new shooting styles. That way, all of our photographers are able to achieve a couple’s desired style when requested.

With our friendly and professional team, the pre-wedding photo shoot will be a smooth process. Before the actual shoot, your photographer will have a discussion with you and your partner to ensure that they understand your desired concept. During the pre wedding shoot, you need not worry about your poses as your photographer or videographer will guide you along. They will capture your most flattering angles ensuring that all the photos will turn out looking incredibly beautiful.

Although the prices for our pre-wedding photo shoot may be higher than other photography studios, we are able to provide products of unparalleled quality. Here at Chris Ling International Photographers, we will always strive to provide you with the best possible pre-wedding photography or videography service.

Choose us, and have an extraordinary pre-wedding experience with your partner. Contact us now for more details, including our pricing structure and our other services, such as videography.