How to Play with Your Gown in your Wedding Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photography session or your actual day photography calls for creativity as props and other materials can be limited. Having props are great and fun for your pre-wedding photoshoots. However, the best prop you should not overlook is your wedding and evening gown!

Skirts are very versatile, especially if you are wearing something similar to a ball gown or a gown with a long train. Here, in this article, we have come up with several ways on how you can play with your wedding gown.

Check them out below!

 Turn your skirt from side to side
One way to get a dreamy effect on your photos is to sway your skirt from side to side in order to create a blurry effect on your photos. The movement of the skirt is dramatic enough to create flair and variation on your photos. This particular effect, although common, is still one of the classics when you want to achieve a more dramatic and intimate look in your photos whether it is in an outdoor photoshoot or wedding studio photography.

Lay your skirt flat on the ground
If you are wearing something like a ball gown, it makes a great “carpet-like” silhouette wherein you can lay it flat on the ground as you kneel or sit down for a photo opportunity. A laid skirt on the ground creates a princess-like effect that is surely fit for a magical occasion such as your very own wedding ceremony.

 Throw your skirt in the air
For wedding gowns with a flowy material that is light and has a slightly translucent layer, you can create a dreamy effect in your photos by throwing up this top layer of your gown. Especially for outdoor shoots in windy areas, the wind will carry your skirt and allow it to flutter in the air. This will produce a majestic image as well. Sometimes, your photographer may even take on the role of throwing your skirt in the wind for the beautiful effect!

Use your wedding gown as something to lie on
Huge skirts make a great prop for photoshoot. It gives an exceptional finish to the photo and the dramatic details of your gown provides a beautiful backdrop drop for your photoshoot. This pose is great for photoshoots in big empty areas like a grass field or even the basketball court in the school that you and your partner both came from.

These are some of the ideas that you can use to make your wedding photoshoot more fun and exciting. To get more ideas and ways on how to make each shot more creative, it is best to consult your Chris Ling wedding photographer on the different angles, poses, and actions that you can do to produce lively takes and memorable shots. Remember, what you do in your photoshoot should become a lovely memory that will last you a lifetime. When you look back on your photos, these captured memories will remain as lovely and wonderful memories that will surely make reminiscing the old times worthwhile. If you are unsure about the type poses you can get for the best shots, be rest assured that our Chris Ling International Photographers will guide you along!

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