Course code: WD1

Wedding Day Photography – Level 1 – Advanced


The theory behind the big day: Learn valuable knowledge about the sequence, the events and how to manage any unexpected circumstances that may happen during the wedding day.

Technical training and business consultancy

Get a chance to be attached to 1 wedding day as an assistant, and learn from first-hand experience.

Course code: WD2

Wedding Day Photography – Level 1 – Advanced


Learn the basic soft skills needed for wedding photography

Creative journalism and unique ways to frame imagery

Discover the importance of having accuracy in timing






Course code: SO1

Studio & Outdoor Photography Class– Level 1 – Advanced


Technical training and basic business consultancy

People skills: learn how to ease clients and provide accurate directions

Learn from first-hand experience by being an assistant for 1 pre-wedding assignment.





Course code: SO2

Studio & Outdoor Photography Class – Level 2 – Senior


Basic soft skills

Creative compositions and interesting ways to frame imagery

Learn how to capture images that will sell


To learn the prices of our photography courses in Singapore, send us an enquiry at with your inquiries and preferred course. Additionally, let us know if you are attending the course by yourself or in a group. If you will be attending the course in a group, kindly let us know the number of people that will be in the group.

Based on the information you provided, we will inform you our pricing and details. Do note that all participants will have to provide their own cameras, as we do not have any spare equipment that we can loan out.



Photography Workshop in Singapore | Basic Lessons

Here at Chris Ling International Photographers, we understand the need to inspire others and help them acquire the photography knowledge they need to improve their skills. Photography courses are open to individuals that are interested in learning about the technicalities involved in the wedding industry, or that want toelevate their photography skills.

Our director, Chris Ling, personally conducts all the courses. By going for our photography courses, you can learn from one of the best photographers in Singapore. He has over 20 years of experience in wedding photography ranging from studio, outdoor to journalistic photography. Chris Ling’s talent in the industry is indisputable, with many of his past customers leaving excellent reviews. Due to his extensive years in the industry, he can provide you with valuable advice that will help you help you improve your skills.

Class modules will be customised to fit the individual or group, ensuring that everyone can make the most out of the lessons.