Overseas Pre-Wedding Shoot Budget Estimation

An overseas pre-wedding photo shoot is every couple’s dream. There is something about having your pre-wedding shoot done in another country like being more romantic, intimate, and personal. However, no matter how glamorous it may sound, there are still a few things that needed to be known and take note of when deciding to have your pre-wedding photo shoot done abroad.

Now, many wedding photography packages in singapore do not usually include in their offers price for a shoot abroad. What is commonly included in their packages are the pre-wedding photography prices in Singapore. Of course, expect an addition of a hefty sum of money if you are really aiming for that exotic, glamorous photo shoot, you have to work on a budget.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses that you can expect when having your photoshoot done abroad:

Professional Costs:

Photographer: 6,000SGD/DAY
This is just a breakdown of every day costing for photographers. Usually, the day-to-day fee for photographers is already summed up in the photo package. Expect that they will be charging a few more to cover for other expenses or insurances from the photography company.

Hair & Makeup: 800SGD/DAY
Unless you are planning to do your own makeup and hair for the duration of your photoshoot abroad, the average cost for hiring a professional is about 800SGD per day.

Ensembles: 1,000SGD/DAY
Ensembles pertain to your gown and suits. Of course, you will have to rent some out to complement what theme you will be having for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Sometimes, bridal shops charge about 1,000SGD per outfit per day, depending on what kind of ensemble you are renting out.

Plane Tickets & Accommodation: 1,200SGD (airfare) + 300SGD/NIGHT (accommodation) = 1,500SGD
Expect that you will also be the one to pay for your photographer and makeup artist’s airfare and accommodation. The fees stipulated above are only the average. Usually, fees for these are included in the package type depending on what is the agreement you and the company will come up with.

Personal Costs:

Airfare & Accommodation For Two: 3,400SGD
Average plane ticket and accommodation fees cost about 3,400SGD depending on the airline and hotel. You may also consider renting out a house instead of paying for so much for a hotel room or two. There are websites on the internet that offers to rent out houses to accommodate people in large numbers.

Permits & Entrance Fees: 2,000SGD
You might want to do your research before settling into doing an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot. Some locations require special permission to have your photoshoot done. Ask your photographer about these things as they are knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with shoot permits and entrance fees.

Total: 17,400SGD
The total above only pertains to the average expenses couples usually encounter when doing their shoot abroad. There are other fees that are not included above such as overtime fees, onsite fees, and other equipment from the makeup artists. That is why it is very important for both parties to disclose all the information needed as well as their budget before signing a contract to avoid disputes in the near future.

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