Other Then Weddings

We did a little side project on top of our weddings to commemorate the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore. It had been in operation for 80 years, and it is a really old and dusty station. Old, dusty, crumbling paint, holes in the floor and anything else you can think of that reminds you of the past, and that is the recipe for heritage sites.

Another train station video? Yes, we know, everyone swamped to shoot the train station on the last operating day, and Vimeo has been flooded with videos of the station. Not to mention quadruple the number of photo albums dedicated to the station no one really took a second glance at before. But we couldn’t resist. Alvin had the urge to produce his emo version of grand dames previously forgotten, and he did so at 7 am in the morning before the crowd sets in.

If the future, we hope to produce more shorts wedding or non-wedding related. It helps deter against a stagnation of creativity. Unfortunately, adding sideline workloads on top of our client’s videos may prove a little tricky, and rather insane, but crazy is good. It keeps us on our toes.

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