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Chris may be known for his wedding photography, but the man may have his sights set on something beyond his known forte ー bridal.

We established ourselves as a high-end wedding photography studio and have been co-operating with a locally renowned bridal design team, led by Joey Ling of Z Wedding, for 10 years and counting. As part of a strategic partnership, Chris offered his photography expertise to a new demographic of customers.

That partnership resulted in the launch of the Z Wedding bridal package, with a professional and innovative combination of gown designers & photographers. This dual combination became one of our strongest selling points.

When our team asked Chris about what else could be expected from the partnership, Chris revealed that when it came to bridal bundle deals, our “more-the-merrier” extras are added value and high quality. It doesn’t mean we will give extra items that, more often than

not, customers actually do not need.

“It gets a bit confidential, but I will give you a hint of our future. Just ask yourself this question: Are the current standards offered by other boutiques good enough for you?” Chris says.

From the partnership with Z Wedding, what Chris saw was a revolution in the wedding market.

Where the first bridal revolution saw package items being replaced by quality service from a dedicated team of artistic photographers, the second involved an all-inclusive high-end studio with professional equipment being adopted as the standard. Chris further explained, “We have set the standard in the wedding industry.”

With that in mind, the next big thing for Chris Ling + Z Wedding could be in a sector in which it doesn’t traditionally operate.

“We are not sure whether the company can do this… But our personal dream is to be a true bridal boutique.” Chris said.

Chris’ definition for his “true bridal boutique” dream: Almost every one-stop bridal shop is selling in-the-moment photography, but this is actually wrong. Chris Ling is about how a couple’s wedding images are carefully planned, crafted, and created. It isn’t just going out and capturing whatever happens; that is haphazard. A lot of planning goes into the images that are natural and graceful.

“I guarantee that if you are not a professional model, and I put you in front of a camera, you will be camera shy. How are we able to achieve candid shots if the couple is nervous and lost?” Chris adds. On top of giving proper directions, we always engage our couples so that they feel comfortable.

Many one-stop bridal shop owners do not have the know how to execute indoor photography. You can use the money to build the biggest studio, have the most elaborate settings, and the most branded equipment, but money cannot buy over 20 years of dedicated photography expertise and experience. What would be the point of spending so much money if you do not know how to use it properly?

“The modern couples nowadays are no longer looking for the most quantity at the lowest price; they are looking for quality. They want to know who you are, and I will make sure they know me.” Chris concludes!

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