Pro Level @ $4500

Pro Level Pre-Wedding Photography Course: One Day duration in classroom

1. Communication skills.
2. Photographer’s body language.
3. Giving direction/guidance to couples.
4. How to start a photography session.
5. Basic pose/movement guiding techniques.
6. Getting couples comfortable in front of the camera.
7. How to use zoom lens to create different photos in the shortest time.
8. Setting up a strong portfolio.
9. Selling points.
10. Review (conducted on a separate day).

Master Level @ $9000

Master Level Pre-Wedding Photography Course: Advance Directing Technique

1. Creating candid motion shots.
2. How to create images with depth, meaning, feelings, and emotion for couples.
3. Grooms: How and what to shoot.
4. Brides: How and what to shoot.
5. Fine tuning body posture.
6. What are the minute details to look out for.
7. The main reasons couples reject photos.
8. How and what to shoot for overseas photography sessions.
9. Advising couples on choosing and preparing for overseas locations.
10. How to create a story line.
11. Developing a photography style.
12. Building your branding.
13. Building up your business.
14. How to build a team.
15. Review and consultation.

Photography Workshop in Singapore

Here at Chris Ling International Photographers, we understand the need to inspire others and want to help you acquire the photography knowledge needed to improve your skills. Photography courses are open to individuals who are interested in learning about the technicalities involved in the wedding industry, or who want to elevate their photography skills.

Our director, Chris Ling, personally conducts all the courses. Through our photography courses, you can learn from one of the best photographers in Singapore. Chris has over 20 years of experience in wedding photography. His skill set covers studio, outdoor, and journalistic photography to name a few. Chris’s talent in the industry is indisputable and many of his couples leave excellent reviews. Through his extensive experience, he can provide you with valuable advice that will help you improve your skills.

Class modules will be customised to fit the individual or group, ensuring that everyone can make the most out of the lessons.