Making the Best of Your Indoor Studio & Outdoor Photo Shoot

There are a lot of venues that you can have your wedding photo shoot. However, the choices among couples still vary and it depends on what kind of theme they are having. A wedding photo shoot is an integral part of the whole celebration and is also a very memorable event that happens during the early stages of wedding preparation. In fact, it is probably one of the most fun experiences you will have!

There are generally two types of pre wedding photo shoots – indoor studios and outdoor locations. Both have their own styles and in this article, we will be dissecting more about them to give you a better insight of what you can do to make the best out of each photo shoot. Should you choose to have your photo shoot in an indoor studio or outdoor location? Well, how about both!

Outdoor Photo shoots

Outdoor shoots are fun and you can maximize a handful of resources to make the event more creative and exciting. Here are some tips that you can use to get that picture perfect shot every time:

The Time

You have to time your shoot or day right to capture the best lighting at different places for the best results. Research about the possible weather conditions that can happen in the day, especially when the weather can be very unpredictable. Aside from this, plan your shoot at least several months before your actual wedding day. The professionals from Chris Ling International Photographers will be able to share various options with you with regards to locations as well as a wet-weather plan. Trust the professionals and let them guide you in the planning of the photo shoot process.

The Location

Know where you prefer your photo shoot to be done. To start off, you can consider the theme that you want to emphasize during the photo shoot itself. Check if you can book a space in your chosen location so you can also avoid people from getting in the way of the limited time allotted for your photo shoot. Get ideas from your Chris Ling Photographer who knows the best locations to capture beautiful shots of you and your partner. Whether you prefer gardens, beaches or even a place of significance to you, anything can work!

Plan It

There is nothing more important than planning your photo shoot ahead of time. You get to prepare a couple of stuff or props for your shoot and you can also check out various ideas to make your photos unique and exciting. Personalise it by bringing things that are of significance to you and your partner and also discuss with your wedding photographer on how the day will go to know what to expect.


In order to reflect the most real of emotions in a photo, you have to feel it all in yourself during the day of the photo shoot. Have fun while posing for your shots and your feelings will be captured in the photos. Nothing can make a photo more beautiful than a sincere smile.

Indoor Photo shoots

Indoor photo shoots usually take place in photo studios. At Chris Ling International Photographers, you are given a myriad of in-house indoor studios to choose from. Different themes surround each of these studios and you can expect to be wowed by the details that go into the setups. In order to help you decide which setups you should pick from your photo studio, we have come up with a couple of things that you can consider:

The Place

Check out the photo studio where you will be having your photo shoot yourself. In fact, at Chris Ling, you will get to view photo samples from the photography studio itself to understand what kind of shots can be taken with the setups available in the studio. This will give you a good preview of the photos that you can get. It is also nice to see the place for yourself and ask your wedding photographers for questions you have in mind.

Listen To Your Photographer

Since they are already experienced in this field, take time to listen to their ideas and suggestions to make the shoot more meaningful and beautiful. Do not worry if you do not know how to pose for the photos, our photographers will guide you along on how to make full use of the set in front of your eyes.

Be Resourceful

During the photo shoot itself, bring a couple of things that speak a lot about you and your significant other. Use these items as props to further tell a story and your photo will come out as beautiful as ever. You should also make use of the props given on the set itself and let your creativity flow.

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