LeGrand and Z Wedding Couture Runway Show

Our team received information that we would be supporting our partner bridal boutiques, LeGrand and Z Wedding D’sign, for their first by invite only runway show in Chijmes just two weeks prior to the 2nd August 2013 event. It was such a mad rush, yet the adrenalin and the excitement leading up to an unheralded fashion runway show (by a bridal boutique) was quite a high. What made the LeGrand/Z Wedding Fall/Winter 2013 show different was that it wasn’t a wedding event in a hotel where you have different vendors peddling their wares, it was a classic couture runway show that emphasized on designer bridal wear. Our Chris Ling team was there to provide them manpower, graphics, video, photography, and any other creative ideas they need input on.

Backstage, the gown designers, coordinators, and fitters were fluttering about waiting for showtime. Showtime started later than expected, unfortunately, we had to wait for one more VIP to arrive straight from the airport.

Celebrities accepted the invite to the show, and yours truly was in charge of attending to them. Fortunately, the seating arrangements were rather straightforward. They were extremely friendly; with none of the diva dramas or surprise, requests people associate celebs with. David Gan was very modest, and he is such a darling. You can’t help but not want to chat with him all night, and now I understand why everyone wants to get to know him. In attendance, (left to right by row) Tracy Lee, Chris Tong, David Gan, Zen Chong, Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia, and renowned catwalk guru Benjamin Toong.

And what were they feasting their eyes on? True couture creations with bold designs. Designers from both fashion houses took a rather different step from the conventional tule gowns popular in the market. They mixed, matched, layered, and produced gowns more fashionably daring over; a leap over cookie cutter princess gowns. The following are some highlights from Z Wedding:

Daniel Heawen from LeGrand took wedding gowns into a different edge, outer bodices laced into the gowns evoked a structured look. The combination of weaved corsets and delicate fabrics evoked a touch of ferosh to an essentially feminine look:

It was truly an amazing show. For those who attended, thank you for joining us, especially with the one hour wait for the show to start. Like how I feel the team’s effort in supporting LeGrand and Z Wedding was well worth it, I do hope you would feel the wait was too.

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