Learn the secrets with
Chris Ling International Photographers!

Chris Ling is a well-known name in the wedding industry, having been successfully running his passion as a profitable business the past 25 years. He started out in the fashion and commercial sector honing his skills under an apprenticeship. During those years, he worked long hours to learn the art of photography from the bottom up.

When he mastered the skills required, he wondered why these creative techniques can’t be applied to wedding portraits?

It was this brainstorm that gave birth to Chris Ling Photography and made Chris the top photographer in the wedding industry. Applying commercial fashion photography knowledge and combining them with his approachable personality, he translated complex technical details into terms that were easy to understand. It was a hit with his wedding couples.

His company has now expanded to a team of photographers, designers, and creative consultants, gaining a permanent foothold in the wedding market. With hundreds of positive reviews, Chris Ling Intl Photographers, as it is now known, has maintained credibility through the decades and secured thousands of followers.


Learn The Secrets!

Chris Ling would now like to share his secret to his longevity in the wedding market.

Through an Introduction and a Masterclass, he will teach both the technical and soft skills required to win couples over.

In addition, not everything are champagne and roses, and he will disclose the underbelly of the trade.

These are the burning questions you may have that he will answer –
How do you run photography as a business and still go strong after 25 years?

1. What is Chris’ success story behind wedding photography?
2. Why are couples still buying into his photography packages?
3. How do you create a brand with your name and charge a premium?
4. How do you study your competitors’ work?
5. How can you work with other professionals in the same trade?
6. What are the common problems current wedding photographers face?
7. Why are photographers undercutting their prices?
8. How much are you worth as a wedding photographer?
9. How do you become an outstanding wedding photographer?
10. Why is Chris able to command a rate of $2000/hour?
11. What is his wedding photography ‘DNA’?
12. How can you improve your photography skills in the shortest time?
13. How do you increase your market share?
14. What is the future in the industry?

Interested? Registration is free!

As a way for Chris to give back to the industry the Introduction Course is free of charge. It will be held on 22nd Aug 18 at 3.30pm to 6pm, address 33 Tras Street Singapore 078973.

Sign up by emailing to enquiries@chrisling.com with your name and contact number. It is open to professional and career photographers* only, and limited seats are available.