Johnnie Walker F1 Circuit Lounge Fashion Show by Le Grand

The F1 weekend came and went, and what a period it is. Stars, cars, and companies descended onto Singapore to provide concerts, events, and parties on grand scales. The annual Johnnie Walker F1 Circuit Lounge party is one such event. For invited guests only, it was held at the Marina Bay Sands event hall, and it was an open bar from 9 pm to 3 am. Aerial dancers, performers, and DJs entertained the night, including a fashion show by Le Grand.

The organizers for Johnnie Walker wanted to add something different this year, and they decided to engage Le Grand to create a fashion collection as the highlight of the night. The theme: Gold. Johnnie Walker Gold.

Creative designer Daniel from Le Grand did just that.

“To me, the Johnnie Walker label is about the sensation of excitement, a rich taste, the statement of luxury, and a liberated soul. By combining these four elements, what came to my mind was a combination of the Bird of Paradise and the butterfly. Both creatures are rich in colour, outstanding in appearance, and liberated from having to be conventional. In a sense, each creature has evolved into an art piece. Similarly, Johnnie Walker combines different elements to achieve its status. This is the foundation for Le Grand’s Circuit Lounge Capsule collection, elements of its gold luxury combined to produce pieces of art.”

View the rest of their collection on their Facebook album linked here.

Our studio had the pleasure of supporting them through photography and videography of the fashion show at the Circuit Lounge party. At the end of the weeks that built up to this night, both teams, Le Grand and Chris Ling Intl, breathed a sigh of relief for a job well done. What a fabulous party indeed.

View the rest of  the images from the party on our Facebook album linked here.



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