How to Work with a Whimsical Theme for your Wedding Photos

A whimsical themed wedding is a great choice for brides and couples alike who are adventurous in their styles and personality. As whimsical-themed weddings entail various bold and quirky details, sometimes, it intimidates people who are new to the theme.

However, in the past few years, whimsical wedding as a wedding theme has become even more popular among couples who are about to get married. Even during pre-wedding photoshoots here in singapore, many couples adapt to the use of the whimsical as their theme for the overall feel of the wedding.

Despite the theme being mainstream and popularly used worldwide, you can still make it unique and memorable, not only to you and your significant other but also to your guests. If you are new to the theme but want to brave the uniqueness of it, here are some tips that you may want to follow to make everything work out for you!

Have It Done Outdoors
Making a whimsical wedding a success means you have to choose the perfect location. For instance, you may opt to have your wedding reception outdoors rather than within the four walls of a function room. An outdoor venue will evoke a magical, laid back, and relaxing atmosphere that is appropriate to the whimsical theme. Chris Ling International Photographers’ team provides excellent outdoor photography services, having gone through rigorous training to hone their craft.

Be Creative With Your Colour Palettes
As mentioned, whimsical-themed weddings involve quirky and bold details. To pull it off, you have to be creative and imaginative when it comes to building your wedding colour scheme. Choose lively colours like maroon, emerald green, and royal blue to make your outfits pop and embody the meaning of “whimsical”. Our professional makeup artists at Chris Ling International Photographers will be able to offer advice on colour palettes, as well as touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Have Fun With Your Photos
A formal event like a wedding should not prevent you from having fun with your photos. When selecting a wedding photography packages, it is best to ask if they can provide props for the actual wedding day. As your wedding theme is supposed to be fun, a couple of props here and it is always helpful.

Align Your Choice Of Bouquet To Your Theme
Another important thing to note when doing a whimsical-themed wedding is to align your choice of flowers in your bouquet to the theme. It is also important to consider the colour palette of your wedding before proceeding to buy flowers. When choosing flowers for a whimsical-themed wedding, choose those dainty looking flowers for a more magical and romantic feeling.

Keep An Eye Out On Decoration
You have to get out of your comfort zone and be as creative as you can get when it comes to designing or decorating the place for your wedding. Select designs that speak of romance and fantasy like gold table toppers and metallic balloons for a playful yet serene looking environment perfect for the wedding you have always dreamed off.

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