How to Incorporate Vintage Elements into Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Fun props that you can use for your pre-wedding photoshoot depends on the theme you are following. However, the goal of your photo shoot is to be as creative and resourceful as you can be. With that in mind, you want to, of course, utilise different props available and things that can be reminded of the both of you your journey as a couple before deciding to marry.

All families have something old up in their sleeves. Something like a family heirloom that gets passed down to generations. It can be an old dress, heirloom ring, necklace, or any other accessories that have been a legacy for your family.

Aside from these details, location is very important. Decide if you want an outdoor or a studio wedding photography session done. Determining the setting and location of your shoot helps you figure out how to incorporate vintage elements into your pre-wedding shoot. Having the best place to have your photo shoot done makes everything flow smoothly and the work tends to become a lot easier.

With that, here are a few tips on how you can incorporate vintage elements into your pre-wedding photoshoot:

Location Set-Up
As mentioned above, if you are really aiming for a vintage feel to your pre-wedding shoot, you can work it out by setting up your location to have this timeless, classic aura. Choose a site or location that screams vintage like an old house or if you are doing the shoot indoors, check out if you can rent props like brass mirrors and frames. Adding such detail to your wedding creates a timeless and elegant effect perfect for making everything look vintage and classic.

Wear Something Vintage
It is likely that your mother would have kept a dress or two from her teenage days. Ask if you can borrow some clothes and work on it to achieve that particular vintage look you are aiming for. If this is something that you cannot work out, check on different inspiration boards to re-create a particular look to achieve that one of a kind retro vibes.

Accessorising on the day of your pre-wedding photo shoot is just as important. If you have been keeping that family heirloom for quite a long time now, well, it is now their time to shine. Incorporate vintage jewellery into your own personal style and ask your photographer if he or she can capture its beauty by shooting it with appropriate lighting and other dramatic courses of action. Your photographer will definitely know where to shoot and how to bring out the beauty of these old yet classic pieces.

You may have a lot of options on hand but keep in mind that having a vintage feel to your pre-wedding shoot does not mean that you have to re-create everything in its entirety. Just highlighting the important details is what matters the most as doing so already let the objects shine and do justice to their timeless and elegant appearances. A vintage feel to your wedding shoot is something glamorous and memorable that you definitely want to do!

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