Hotel Review – The Grand Hyatt Singapore

My husband and I love simplicity. It shows in our design choices and our lifestyles. We also have a penchant to display repressed anger toward bad service. To top it off, when it comes to food his Japanese taste buds are spoilt by the splendor of flavours available in Japan. Our expectations are not high, it is just that we are hard to impress. Yet, the Grand Hyatt Singapore made us very happy people.

Minimalism is often construed as having a white sofa placed in the middle of a white room. That is neither minimalism nor simplicity, it is, instead, just plain boring. There is an art to creating a pleasing space with as little items as possible. Should one want to undertake this endeavor, any design flaws would stick out like wine stains on an ivory wedding dress (touch wood). It was this minimalism that sealed my husband’s decision of having our wedding at the Grand Hyatt. Why would we choose and older hotel? Its exterior is modest, one might say reminiscent of the 1980’s Post Modernism. Inside, Hyatt made an excellent decision of investing in the Super Potato team to revamp their interiors.

Super Potato Co. is one of the world’s leading interior firm. It is a Japanese firm run by renowned designer Takashi Sugimoto. Their touch turned Grand Hyatt chic, welcoming, and stylish. When the husband stepped into The Gallery (their banquet hall), he was won over. The entire space would solely be ours, including the spacious lounge with its high ceilings. Personally, I prefer high ceilings for the banquet room, but he does not. He finds high ceilings imposing and unfriendly, whilst I find it grand.

This difference in our perspectives showed that taste is indeed subjective. The decisions you make when choosing your wedding celebration venue would come to light as well. What I strongly recommend though, is for one not to neglect details. The space that Grand Hyatt Singapore provided was bar none. Placement of furnishings, lightings, accent pieces, while leaving other areas  open, provided an extra stretch that seemingly embraced all your guests when they arrive.

My prerequisite for any hotel is a decently sized bridal suite. Decent translates to large; it is one of my must haves, and they delivered. For most hotels, if you approach your sales coordinator about viewing the rooms first they would be able to accommodate to your request.

Food was excellent. Some dishes were served individually, some were communal. The abalone and sea cucumber in an individual claypot for all guests was their pièce de résistance. I would rather have all dishes plated out to my guests, but I was not charming enough to convince them.

Service staff is another factor not to overlook. Their banquet personnel came from all over the world, and we speculate that it could be exchanged programs with all the Hyatts around the globe. Don’t quote us on that though. We had a party of Indian, German, Japanese, and Korean service staff and managers amongst the Singaporean personnel. All of them were extremely professional, and I dare say more so then the banquet staff who served me at a friend’s wedding in a 6-star hotel (I shan’t name and shame).

Comparatively, there is one other hotel that received raving reviews on food and service. My clients who had their banquet at Capella swear by them. I remembered one groom told me their butler uprooted a small tree because it was blocking their view! I felt sorry for the tree, but at least it was planted somewhere else within the compound.

Now, we come to the price list. Grand Hyatt’s tables are $1388+++ for the year 2013. It’s the median price for hotels their caliber. Other hotels do have lower rates around the $1188/$1288 price range (Corpthone, Fullerton, etc. to name a few), while Capella, like St Regis, is on the higher tier ($1588/$1808). Here’s the full list of wedding venue prices from Singapore Brides.

For our 2012 wedding, the husband and I took up Hyatt’s add on package of pre-banquet  hors d’oeuvre and free flow of alcohol at an extra $400 or so per table. I recalled our total bill, after taxes, was around $1800-$1900. In retrospect, our guests didn’t drink that much and we would have saved tons if we had not went for it, but that extra amount of money relieved us of the tremendous “what if not enough” stress. All we did was sit back, enjoy, and have the ball of our lives with our friends and family. There was so much fun I wish I could bottle it up and give it to North Korea.

Safe to say, The Grand Hyatt exceeded our high expectations. We are now Hyatt club members, and we plan to stay with them during our future travels.

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