Gold Anniversary: 50 Years for Robert & Molly

I received a call the other day asking if we can cover Robert and Molly’s wedding anniversary celebration. But of course! I replied. Max would be delighted to. When I first saw Robert and Molly to finalise the details, they had also required a photo montage of their years together, starting from vintage photos of their wedding portraits right down to their grandson’s entry to the army. so I asked if I should title it “Robert and Molly’s 25th Wedding Anniversary”. That was when Robert told me it wasn’t 25, it was 50. 50 years! They really do not look their age. It was our privilege to cover Robert and Molly’s celebration, the first gold anniversary event in our 20 years of business.

Robert and Molly, congratulations on your inspirational 50 years of love.

“We are from a time where if something is broken, we fix it, not throw it away.” – Annonymous

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