Fun Themes for Your Wedding Studio Photo Shoot

With the demands in keeping up with today’s aesthetics, it may seem like a game when choosing your wedding photoshoot theme. Why? Because you are somewhat pressured to choose the best and most creative theme to capture the most amazing photos that you will be showing to your guests.

That is understandable. Wedding photos should look the best and most creative to engage your guests as well as you and your partner. While some prefer outdoor shoots, others would go for a wedding studio photography if they want to go the classic way. Most people tend to go for both indoor and outdoor wedding photo shoots to get best of both worlds.

At Chris Ling International Photographers, our 5000sqft studio houses many set-ups of different concepts and themes. If you are still undecided on which theme to get, below is a list of fun wedding themes you can use for your studio photoshoot:

Hollywood Photoshoot
Hollywood themed photoshoots are easier to execute in a studio because you and your photographer are the ones in total control of everything like the lighting equipment, fixtures, and other technical stuff that revolves around a Hollywood theme. Talk to your significant other about what movie or genre you would both agree on and start planning from there to execute the whole look smoothly and flawlessly.

Whimsical Touch
With all the background options available in studios, you can utilize the use of a floral background to add a whimsical touch to your photos. A whimsical wedding photoshoot theme looks great in softening the overall look of the photos and it creates a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for almost all weddings.

Video Game Inspired
If you really want something that is unique and not frequently done, consider a video game inspired photoshoot. Reminisce the memories of your childhood by choosing a video game inspired theme for your wedding photoshoot. It is a great way to be extra creative and bring out the most natural smile on your face. You can select whichever video game you and your partner fancies and bring your games and props into the studio for a shoot. Video game inspired shoot is truly something new!

Going Back to the Classics
Although classic photoshoots are usually mainstream, tweaking some ideas in it can make the overall experience something new and fresh! You can utilize having your photos taken in black and white for a more dramatic and intimate look. A black and white shot helps in making your photos look more uniform and fit for an elegant and sophisticated wedding.

Above are some only of the most unique wedding photoshoot themes you can explore for your pre wedding photoshoot. There are various and different ways that you can utilize the studio as there are plenty of options you can explore. Discuss your preferences with your consultant at Chris ling International Photographers and allow them to provide some recommendations for you!

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