Five Fond Family Moments to Include in Your Wedding Album

Weddings are all about these cheesy, sweet, and intimate moments spent together with your loved ones and family members. One way to cherish these memories is to build a photo album dedicated to showcasing the important moments that happened at your wedding. Couples often want to cherish these photos and a special place to collate them together is in a wedding photo album. Most of the time, wedding photo albums are included in almost all wedding photography packages from different companies in Singapore.

Wedding photo albums are valuable additions to your mementoes and a great way to keep memories preserved in a priceless way. Still, images are great because they tend to preserve the moment regardless if you are having an actual wedding day videographer in singapore to capture candid moments.

Below are some of the wonderful, fond family moments that you can include in your wedding album:

Family Members Of Bride And The Groom
Before anything else, a photo from both the families on the bride and groom’s side is very essential. Having a photo just before the ceremony starts and during the preparation is a very beautiful way to showcase your families from both sides. Having them photographed while being dressed up is also very intimate and romantic.

The Walk Down The Aisle
This is a very precious moment for both the bride and her parents. A walk down the aisle signifies the journey as a bride is about to take as your parents give your hand for marriage to your husband. Also, the walk down the aisle shot is a very classic and timeless shot you definitely have to include in your wedding album. The emotions here from both your parents and yourself are just so surreal; you would want to treasure it in a wedding album to look back at.

Father And Bride’s Dance
The father and bride’s dance during the wedding reception is another fond and beautiful moment that deserves a spot inside your wedding photo album. This dance is even more special since we know that our fathers are typically not very expressive with their feelings, but in this particular moment, it is very different. Expect a shedding of tear or two as the realization of finally letting go of his little princess is getting through.

Family Formals
Now that you have secured the “before” photos of your family, it is now time to do the formal family shots after the wedding ceremony. A formal family portrait exudes the real feeling of the wedding. You might just want to make sure that your family stands close together so it will be a picture-perfect shot, worth a spread in your wedding album.

Candid, Celebratory Shots
For the entire duration of the ceremony, ask your photographer to look out for candid scenes and take a snap of these moments so you can put them together. Candid, celebratory shots are also one way to tell a story and a great way for the groom and bride to reminisce in to together as they grow old together as a couple. The best wedding photographers from Chris Ling will definitely be able to capture every candid, fun moment.

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