Dunearn Secondary Photography Session

Chris Ling Projects is a division of our studio dedicated to providing community service in whatever ways we can. This session, we have decided to open our studio to school children who are interested in learning studio photography.

It all started earlier in the year when Chris’ son approached him to ask about studio photography lighting and techniques, and Chris gladly taught him. That was when Chris realized other students in secondary or tertiary school photography clubs would be keen to understand how a full-fledged studio worked. Out of which not many of them would have photographer parents. It led to us to offer the schools a pro-bono studio photography course taught by Chris. His reasoning for dedicating his time to students was that if he doesn’t, who would? Turns out he was more than happy to interact with the teens. From young school goers to adult couples, the boss somehow has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable.

Ei Ei was the teacher in charge of the photography club in Dunearn Secondary, she responded to my email and expressed her interest in taking up our offer. We were delighted to have had the opportunity to meet up with her young enthusiasts. I had asked her if the paperwork was difficult to process in getting the club out of the school and into our studio, and she replied that there were indeed quite a number of regulations to meet and forms to fill, but it wasn’t all that bad after one learns the art of templates! Our respect to this diligent teacher who put in the extra time for the kids.

In all, we had a very good session. Ei Ei and another accompanying teacher had a comfortable time, joining in the fun of photography. The students had many questions answered, and they were all excitedly experimenting with our equipment. Lastly, Chris seemed to have a ball of a time interacting with the kids, I could see the joy he had imparting his passion to the next generation. After this session, we hope more schools would take interest in the project. As always feel free to contact us, dear hardworking teachers!

You can view more images of the Dunearn Secondary School session on our Facebook album, linked here.



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