Dramatic Backdrops That Will Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

There will always be different advantages in choosing a dramatic backdrop for your wedding photos. That being said, it might be easier to choose backdrops if you are doing your shoot through a photo studio rental in singapore. However, the idea of being dramatic in terms of your wedding photos should not restrict you if ever you are having it done outdoors. In fact, with the different scenic views from nature, you are definitely in for something unique.

Utilising a specific location for your wedding is a strategic move to make your photos stand out compared to the usual photos. A dramatic backdrop adds flair and dimension to the photos that make them even more pleasing to the eyes. Dramatic backdrops highlight the emotion of the shoot and bring out you and your significant other’s characters through still photos.

If you are wondering what kind of backdrops you should use, then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you some tips and examples of backdrops that you can use to make your wedding photos stand out from the rest.

Check them out below:

Lush Greeneries
Flowers and lush greens make every photo and shot look mesmerizing and romantic. The different colours and hues from the flowers and bushes create a contrasting look that is easy and soft to the eyes. Since greens are cool to look at, you are sure that it will not be too overwhelming for the guests. Furthermore, greens make everything appear to look put together and consistent.

Nothing is more breathtaking than a city skyline. If you are feeling a bit adventurous and experimental in terms of doing your photoshoot outdoors, why not consider having the session done atop a building overlooking a skyline? The concrete building and sky-high infrastructures create a beautiful depth and texture to the photo which makes each shot dramatic.

Starry Sky
Opting for studio wedding photography? Say no more! Be creative as much as possible by using a darker background designed with sparkling dusts that mimic the stars. The overall look is magical and the celestial touch is even more romantic. Moreover, a stellar backdrop matches a romantic and intimate shoot perfectly.

Trailing Flowers
Although your shoot is indoors, you can still be creative and dramatic. Why not consider decorating the spine of the windows with trailing flowers to complement the colours of the walls and windows? This creates an illusion of the vines growing along the windows and doors. It creates a very dramatic backdrop that is as picturesque as the real ones outdoors!

Deciding on a backdrop can get pretty tricky. Just remember to align it with your theme in mind and you are will be able to nail your photoshoot. As photo shoots require a lot of planning, be sure to start early so you can re-create what you want in your photos as seamless as possible.

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