Differences Between Amateur and Professional Wedding Photographers

They are both called photographers, but there is definitely a key difference between an amateur versus a professional wedding photographer. The difference does not only come in terms of skills but also in their forte when it comes to photographing their clients.

Before anything else, what made you read and search for articles such as this? Does a friend offer being your photographer but having a second thought about whether you should take up his or her proposal or hire a professional one? Obviously, wedding photos are something that you might want to pay extra attention too. It may seem costly, but wedding photos should not be taken for granted as these shots will become memories that you will be treasuring and looking back into for a lifetime.

To help you decide or get started, this article will guide you through the difference between amateur and professional wedding photographers. Questions like where do they differ, what kind of service they will provide, and types of shots they will cover will be tackled in this post.

If you are up to learn more about the difference between the two types of photographer, we suggest that you read further to fulfil your curiosities and answer the questions you have in your mind.

What Is The Difference Between Amateur And Professional Wedding Photographers?
An amateur photographer refers to a person whose hobbies include taking photos of random objects and people. They do not usually undergo training or enrol in a serious photography course to learn extensively about photographing things. Although some of them may have gone and taken basic photography courses in singapore, they may not that well-versed in taking portraits of people on special occasions. Sure, they may take good photos, but they are not those considered to be earning a living from their photography skills. On the other hand, professional photographers are those people who made photography their career and usually charges people with rates for their services. It is their job. Likely, they also own top-notch gears and larger lenses to cater to various shots and angles. Professional photographers often take part in various photography workshops in Singapore to enhance their skills and update their knowledge on different aspects in the field.

Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Amateur Photographer
Sure, hiring your friend or an amateur wedding photographer will save you a great deal of money and working with them is less awkward. However, you might want to think twice and consider that they do not have as extensive skills of a wedding photographer who is versed in photographing such big events. They might miss out on spontaneous moments that are worthy to be documented during the event. Look for various pros and cons of hiring an amateur photographer and start considering your choices and decisions when it comes to major details like this one.

Before deciding, you have to take into consideration a lot of things. List down factors that are of your biggest concerns and start working your way from there. Doing so may help you arrive at a decision more smoothly and more efficiently as well. If you will like to find out more about the Chris Ling International Photographers, feel free to give us a call at 6327 8880 or drop us an email at enquiries@chrisling.com for more information.

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