Destination: Singapore

While some of our Singapore clients are always on the lookout for overseas destinations, we have also found couples from other countries seeking alternatives to their own native soil. Apart from our branch in Hong Kong that sees quite a number of clients taking up our Singapore package, we have also received inquiries from other neighbours as well. The recent cases being Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei (big hi to Huang Seng and Pei Shi!).

So why not, we thought, to promote this little city nation as a wedding destination photography. We will be flying around the region attending wedding fairs to get a better understanding of what our neighbours would like to see in their albums. For most of the cases, Singapore proved an ideal location due to the accessibility between the city’s business district and the parks and beaches. Well, most of the Singaporean drivers would comment that traffic can be chokingly frustrating during the 7pm rush hour, but the good news is our shoot would have been completed by then.

Head over to the Singapore Tourism Board’s webbie and check out what events would be happening in Singapore. The next big thing would be the F1 Night Race happening in September; photos and fast cars anyone?

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