Chris Ling: Why I Conduct Wedding Workshops

In the recent years, I have been holding many talks and workshops sharing the inner workings of the wedding industry. Through these sessions with newlyweds, here is what I hope to achieve:

Sharing Wedding Industry Information

Having been in the wedding trade for many years, I have seen a lot in the industry. By sharing this knowledge, I hope that my wedding couples will be well informed about the many practices and tactics in the wedding market.

Brides and Grooms: Different Focus

Men and women would mostly have different priorities when planning a wedding. During my talks, I will explain which areas each would focus on, and how to find the common ground before signing a package. Design, dollars, and values will all come into play.

Wedding Roadshows: Revealing Tactics

It is easy to take the first step in signing a package on an A4 paper, but the process and final outcome is the most important task. Only a professional team, gown designers, and photographers amongst others can deliver that. Without fully knowing the capabilities of the company behind the contract, many couples make the mistake of trusting the promises promoters make during wedding roadshows. Unfulfilled promises and disappointing products are a common complaint wedding couples often confide to me about, they had signed with an all-in-one boutique and were thinking of switching to my studio.

Pictured: One of the many wedding roadshows that can be found.

Limited Reliability of Forums

You can find an abundance of advice from various forums. They will share with you the package details and the bargaining power. Yet, hardly anyone discusses how to spot a professional team, or how to find consistency in wedding albums. These are the little details that are very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Assuring Quality

Due to the popularity of my collaboration with my partner boutiques, Z Wedding and Le Grand, I have been told from wedding couples that many companies and promoters have been giving us negative reviews. Most of these are sales tactics employed to sway couples into signing packages. Therefore, I would like to prove to wed couples that my partners and I hold high standards of quality and professionalism.

I hope these points will provide you with a greater understanding of what I do, and why I do them. I hope to see you at my next workshop!

− Chris Ling

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