Chris Ling Wedding Albums

With all the advancements in technology, our daily lives are fast becoming digital. Likewise in photography, soft copies are precious because they can be kept for as long as you maintain your hard disk. What about hard copies? The question we ask is are wedding albums becoming a thing of the past? Happy to say, as much as we like to promote innovation, we are one studio who cherishes the physical feel of wedding albums.

A wedding album consists of a photographer’s vision to capture your love and a designer’s effort to bind the images into your story. They can be a classic layout of images against a plain white background or a more design intensive concept layout, the end result will be the same. We create a permanent memory for you to hold. You may not browse through the album as often after the excitement of a wedding day, but you will not regret crafting one when you flip through them during your anniversaries. Instead of turning to the computer, in which you may have difficulty recalling where the archived files are kept, grab your wedding album from the shelf and share it with your close friends, your children, or even your grandchildren. You can imagine telling the little ones, “See, this is grandpa and grandma when we got married!”.

We are an old school that day. Nothing beats the feel of an album.

Take a look at some of our design laden concept albums that our team brainstormed –

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