Chris Ling Studio @ 22 Midview City

On top of setting up an overseas studio (which we did with our Hong Kong branch), it had always been Chris’ dream to own the biggest pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore. After many years, that dream has now been fulfilled. It started with countless months of waiting for the ideal location to be made available, and we found it in a very modern office/industrial estate close enough to Singapore’s central. Location is undeniably important; after all, it wouldn’t be ideal to make our couples travel all the way to a smog laden corner of Singapore just to save on rental.

Close to 5000 sq ft, the three units we are occupying contain an abundance of natural light that cascades in from the glass windows. This creates the ideal condition for a soft imagery. On top of the perfect lighting condition, the large floor space allowed us to create a variety of themed rooms. There are now so many concepts available that our couples can easily spend an entire day in our studio.

It isn’t easy setting up a studio with this many settings. Interiors may look beautiful superficially, but from the photographer’s lens there are other factors to consider when creating a good photo. Lighting, angles, and whether there is enough space to frame up the photo, these often overlooked details are the difference between simply creating an aesthetically pleasing space to building up a conducive photography environment. After weeks of planning and preparation, shifting and shooting, and overworked limbs, we have finally created for ourselves, and for our couples too, of course, a photographer’s playground. No detail was left out; every little touch contributes to a more dynamic photo. Here is one of our rooms, a pub setting we have created:

The wine bottles were kindly provided by wine bar Que Pasa (located at 7 Emerald Hill, under the Emerald Hill Group of Pubs), and we’d like to give them a big shout out for supporting our endeavors all these years.

We will be planning for a Chris Ling Studio open house some time end October or early November. If you’re on our Chris Ling Privilege mailing list, you would get first hand information once we confirm the details. After which, we’ll release the official event posting to the public through our Facebook page.

We leave you now with some of the details that went into just one of our setting:

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