Chris Ling World Tour 2018

When it comes to overseas shoots, pre-wedding overseas photography, or photography in any destination you need to fly, most bridal houses will offer you discounted all-in packages with many freebies. These are very attractive offers which will even make you wonder how the bridal house can make a profit. Because the prices are so low, the costs have to be as well. You won’t be able to choose the gown beforehand, and you won’t be able to see the standard of the makeup artist. The portfolios you see are edited, and likely not even real couples. Sometimes, as we had discovered during our research to wedding markets in Asia, the portfolios were not were instead bought from an industry trade fair!
The Truth Behind Cheap All-In-One Overseas Pre-Wedding
1. You will get to see the quality of the gowns only when you arrive.
2. You cannot choose your makeup or styling because the makeup artist is trained to do only a few standard looks.
3. You cannot choose the direction of your photos because the photographer is instructed to only do certain fixed poses in specific places.
Many couples make this mistake when they sign an overseas package based on the low price. Upon reaching the country, brides may find out that they do not like the gowns offered. They cannot find one which suits them, but unfortunately they have no choice but to make do. They also may not have a makeup styling which they like and would end up having a look which makes them feel out of their personality. When these things do not align, brides will not have the confidence to stand in front of the camera. The images may end up looking awkward. Nearly everything can be edited, but facial expressions and genuine love cannot be photoshop-ed.
Chris Ling’s Bespoke Overseas Package
Here at Chris Ling, we understand all these tactics and we want to avoid them. We want our brides looking radiant, comfortable, happy, and in love. We try to cut costs as much as we can, but we do not cut corners!
To make our couples confident with taking up our overseas packages, we work closely with our partner, Z Wedding. Brides get to choose their gowns beforehand, and be prepared for a trip of a lifetime. Our makeup artists and photographers will also be within the same team. We do not hire freelancers that do not understand our DNA. These extra efforts are put in place to make sure as many things as possible are not left to chance. Because we know once you make a commitment, you cannot reverse time and to redo the shoot in a foreign land all over again. Well, you can, but the costs are enormous and the amount of time wasted, and the stress received, does not a dream wedding journey make.
An overseas wedding shoot should create sweet memories. The images will not just be scenery after scenery like wallpapers you can download off the internet, it will encompass feelings and emotions of the both of you as a loving couple. We hope the photos will speak for themselves. Like the memories you create, these photos will last a lifetime.
Keep a look out for updates on our destination photography, we will post the various countries we will be going to. Let us help you create your adventures!
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