Checklist for Identifying a Good Wedding Photo Studio

What makes a good photo studio? At Chris Ling International Photographers, we understand that choosing and being able to identify a good photo studio is an important part of the planning process. Studios make a significant impact on photos and help in producing high quality photos and videos to preserve the memories you wish to create for your wedding. Here is a simple guide about the things that you should check and look out for when selecting a photo studio for your wedding studio photography.

The Space of the Studio
How spacious and what can be accommodated by the studio is an integral part that you should consider. Space is very important as you should expect that there are a handful of equipment from the camera and lighting to post-processing apparatus that is required for a proper photoshoot. A spacious studio allows more room for different poses as well as for getting shots from different angles. At Chris Ling International Photographers, we have the largest photography studio in Singapore that spans over a massive space of 5000 sqft, allowing us great flexibility and creativity in our photo taking. Choose a studio that is spacious enough to accommodate both the people and equipment such that your movements are not restricted as well.

Consider the Number of Set-Ups
Connecting this second important detail and factor when choosing a studio to the first one, you have to find out how many different types of set up he will be using and what kind of equipment he will utilize. This way, you already have a rough idea on how many different types of photos you can expect. For example, how many of your wedding gowns are you allowed to change into and how many settings in the studio will you be able to take a photo in? It is always good to have an option to go for more than one type of studio shoot to introduce variety into your wedding photos.

The Layout of the Studio
In connection to the point above, do you have a good range of set ups and lay outs to choose from? Having the option to choose among different themes like Hollywood, Soft Toys or a Floral setting is definitely welcomed. You do not want to find yourself limited to a few studio settings that you do not even like. Pay a visit to your prospective studio and assess its layout. Does it have windows for natural light to pass through? Or does it only have walls and a door with some ventilation through the air condition? How many different types of styles and props do they have for you? Studios with windows for natural lighting can provide you great photos and your lighting fixtures can also be lessened, while places with no windows at all may require extra set-up of lighting equipment to create and produce crisp and high- quality photos. The best wedding photographers know that having wedding photos shot in natural sunlight is the best method as it produces the most beautiful effects to give you soft and dreamy photos. With the expansive studio here at Chris Ling International Photographers, we house a great variety of set ups with concepts and themes that have been carefully thought out. Our floor to ceiling windows also allows for the best lighting to take photos in the studio.

Understand that it is important to find a wedding photography studio that has the capacity to provide both space and expertise in their work for your pre wedding photography. If you will like to find out more about the Chris Ling International Photographers, feel free to give us a call at 6327 8880 or drop us an email at for more information.

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