Brilliant Ways to Use Balloons for Your Wedding Celebration

Balloons are not just for birthday parties! In fact, balloons are versatile enough to be used in any kind of celebration to add a pop of colour and showcase a celebratory, fun, and exciting vibe to get you and your guests excited.

When it comes to weddings, balloons have been gaining popularity and are used widely in both indoor and outdoor weddings. Aside from using them as props for your pre wedding photoshoot, you can utilize balloons on the day of your actual wedding as well. Chris Ling International Photographers have a knack of making the best use of balloons in our wedding shots and can offer brilliant ideas to beautify your wedding photos with these props. To start off, here are some simple ways that you can use balloons for your wedding celebration!

 Bundle of Messages
Make your wedding and reception even more unique by letting or asking your guests to write a simple congratulatory message for you and your spouse on a balloon that will be tied to a string after they are done. You can later gather these balloons together and tie them along the wedding aisle or next to your reception to make a beautiful balloon bouquet that is filled with meaning as well.

Colourful Cake Display or Topper
Make your cake display a statement by tying balloons of different colours to it. You can also opt for texture-printed balloons like marbled ones for a unique look. Balloons create a beautiful 3D effect and adds a great touch of colour to your displays by making it look more magical and playful. You can also bid goodbye to the traditional cake toppers and use small balloons to decorate your cake. Balloons as cake toppers bring out the uniqueness and fun in your wedding cake. Just be sure to choose the right size so you will be highlighting the cake itself rather than overwhelming the look of your cake.

Balloons as Table Numbers
Ditch the good ol’ cards for your table numbers and use balloons instead! There are balloons that take the shape or form of numbers and are available at different sizes. Balloons are also a cheap alternative if you want the tables for your guests to look more unique and chic. It also pulls everything together for a festive, exciting, and fun look inside your reception hall.

Line It Up Along the Grand Entrance
Flowers and balloons go well together. They make the overall look of the decorated area more chic and festive. Line up a few white balloons alternately with your choice of flowers along the aisle to make it extremely photogenic. Your actual day wedding photographer will be able to capture an absolutely magical image of you and your partner created by the wonder effects of the flowers and balloons. These decorative ideas are eye-catching and would definitely make your walk down the aisle a more memorable one.

Write It Out
If you are having your wedding in an outdoor venue, you can opt to use giant alphabet balloons to spell out the bride and groom’s names or special phrases as a backdrop for your photos. These giant balloons make a great prop for wedding photos and are sure to make an impact on every guest that arrives at the scene. The best wedding photographers will be able to capture the essence of the elaborate set up along with the bride, groom and guests seamlessly in the wedding photos.

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