Z Wedding: The Wedding Boutique with the Most Positive Reviews

By: Chris Ling Intl-12-11-2019

Let’s take a trip to the past, around 2009, and talk about how couples used to decide which bridal boutique or wedding vendor they would sign up for. Most couples would go through the tedious process of attending wedding shows and sit in on many sales talks. They will look

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Z WEDDING + AIJEK Collaboration

By: Chris Ling Intl-03-04-2019

Being photographers will inevitably allow us to be involved with fashion. Through the years, we have learnt how to be discerning and we have gained professional knowledge of the industry. The Go Local movement is growing at a strong pace. In the past, prestige and quality meant acquiring fashion from

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Work the Gown: A March-In Workshop

By: Chris Ling Intl-08-03-2019

Our studio has been in the trade for many years and has seen numerous wedding gowns and wedding gown fashion trends come and go. We have shot wedding gowns for weddings, couples, corporations, portfolios, catalogues, and advertisements. There are many reasons why a bride would choose a gown. The first

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Family Photography: A Time Machine

By: Chris Ling Intl-29-01-2019

I have stopped shooting commercially for the past 10 years, and I only make exceptions for my previous clients when time permits. We will sort out our schedules and make arrangements for the shoot. For these family photography shoots, the satisfaction is never from the charges collected and is instead

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Couples Come First!

By: Chris Ling Intl-14-01-2019

My studio participates in the annual BOWS event, and this year is no exception. This year, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the sincerity shown by all the couples we met. It had been a fulfilling 25 years. I am touched to see that the principle I held on to that

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The 4 Elements for Capturing Beautiful Photos

By: Chris Ling Intl-24-09-2018

There are many photography adages that are espoused and held as truths; you may have heard phrases like ‘lighting is everything!’ or ‘the type of lens is the most important!’, and while these kind of statements are generally true, they’re hardly the singular factor that is responsible for creating and

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The Essential Benefits of a Professional Photography Course

By: Chris Ling Intl-17-09-2018

There is an abundance of photographers in a myriad of different photography fields with various levels of expertise, ranging from the self-taught hobbyist to renowned professionals. Because of this, it’s highly important for you to develop your own distinctive photography style so that you can stand out from the mainstream

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How Couples Can Incorporate Hobbies into Their Wedding Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-05-09-2018

Your wedding shoot should be personal as much as possible. Adding personal details such as hobbies that both you and your fiancée love to do makes your photo shoot session even more meaningful. It is as if you are both honouring and celebrating your passion for doing things plus it

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Wedding Photographers: Professional vs Rising Star

By: Chris Ling Intl-29-08-2018

Just like any other details of your wedding, deciding whether to hire someone from the list of some of the best wedding photographers in the country or someone who is a rising talent can be a bit daunting. Of course, you will be working on a budget, and that is

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