Why You Need To Book Your Wedding Photographer Early

By: Chris Ling Intl-18-01-2018

You have your date and you are now eyeing that perfect location for your wedding day, all that is left are the services you need to avail or hire. It is a common question among soon-to-be husbands and wives about how early should they start booking services. These services include

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Making the Best of Your Indoor Studio & Outdoor Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-16-01-2018

There are a lot of venues that you can have your wedding photo shoot. However, the choices among couples still vary and it depends on what kind of theme they are having. A wedding photo shoot is an integral part of the whole celebration and is also a very memorable

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How to Be Yourself at Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-11-01-2018

For someone who had little to no experience with a professional photo shoot, sometimes the photography process can get a little awkward and of course, you do not want that. You want to be as natural and as candid as possible during your pre wedding photoshoot so that you will

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Four Ways To spice Up Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-09-01-2018

Many couples tend to get stressed out by their upcoming pre-wedding photo shoot. This nervousness is relatable, since everyone will want their wedding photos to turn out beautifully. It is only normal that you want to spice things up during the day of the photo shoot. After all, who wants

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How to Prepare for a Stress-free Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-05-01-2018

The pre wedding photo shoot is one of the most important elements that need to be done as smoothly as possible before the actual day of the wedding. Thus, it can sometimes be a stress-inducing event, but it does not have to be that way. Pre-wedding photo shoots can be

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Tips to Ensure You Get the Right Wedding Photographer

By: Chris Ling Intl-03-01-2018

Weddings come with merry and lots of love. It is one of the most important days of your life, and you probably will not be having such an event again. You, therefore, should work to ensure the day is successful and make the best out of it. Capturing every moment

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The Best Singapore Sceneries for a Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-30-12-2017

Wedding and pre wedding photoshoots in Singapore has never been more exciting. This is no surprise owing to the magnificence and beauty of the island city. Singapore is both a city and a country. Our country is beautiful and houses a variety of attractive sites that will take your breath

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How to Keep the Best Memories of Your Wedding Day

By: Chris Ling Intl-28-12-2017

When you think of a wedding, you think of a fairytale; a charming prince and princess, flowers and everything nice. The wedding day unusually ends faster than other ordinary days. The most important thing you want to do is to capture the moments from your wedding day do that you

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Finding The Photography Niche That Fits You Best

By: Chris Ling Intl-21-12-2017

The world of photography is as vast as the sky, and sometimes, it is hard to decide on what kind of niche you should focus on. Of course, each and every niche or category poses a couple of pros and cons. Each area is not the same, and it is

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