Choosing a Wedding Photographer That Fits Your Needs

By: Chris Ling Intl-15-12-2017

Your wedding is an exceptional milestone in your life. You celebrate it with the most important people in your life. You also make a life commitment, eat, drink, dance and have all the fun in the world. Such fond memories need to be captured so that when you want to

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How to Look Your Best During Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-11-12-2017

It’s just days to your wedding and you cannot sit still for a minute. It is understandable. You might have been working around the clock since your engagement to ensure your wedding day turns out just as you imagined it to be. You have taken the time to go through

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Preparing a Checklist for a Successful Wedding Photo Shoot

By: Chris Ling Intl-07-12-2017

Planning for a wedding can be a tedious task. Assuming a wedding day has already been decided upon, making a list of photo shoot locations should be the first order of business. This allows you ample time to come up with a comprehensive and fool proof list of what you

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7 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Photography as a Skill

By: Chris Ling Intl-05-12-2017

Photography has been and will continue to be, one of the most prominent trends of the 21st century. When deciding upon a new mobile phone, or just about any mobile device, consumers use the quality of its camera as an important benchmark for comparison. Photography is one of the most

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Making The Right Choice In Your Wedding Photography Package

By: Chris Ling Intl-30-11-2017

Planning for your wedding is similar to that of preparing for a long adventure. It is fun and exciting but at the same time challenging, and could also be overwhelming to some couples. Among the first things that you and your partner would decide on is choosing the best photography

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Reasons To Shoot Your Wedding Photos During The Golden Hour

By: Chris Ling Intl-28-11-2017

Photographers are always after the ‘golden hour’ when they shoot portraits. You might have heard the phrase ‘golden hour’ many times but you are unsure what it means. To keep it simple and easy to understand, the ‘golden hour’ is the one-hour period after a sunrise and before a sunset.

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4 Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

By: Chris Ling Intl-23-11-2017

Of course, you and your fiancée only want the best for this big milestone in your lives and may be willing to overlook many things. However, there are many things you need to give careful consideration to. From hiring a professional wedding photographer to cover for your event, the venue

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Beautiful Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations You Need to Know

By: Chris Ling Intl-21-11-2017

Among the first few steps that couples take when planning for their wedding is figuring out where to shoot their pre-wedding photos and videos. A popular option among many couples is to have their prenuptial photos and videos shot overseas. Fortunately, if you and fiancée are on a budget, you

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How to Make a Wise Choice with Your Wedding Photo Package

By: Chris Ling Intl-16-11-2017

Aside from finding that perfect wedding gown and suit, you also need to find a wedding photographer that best fits your style and personality. For most married couples-to-be, the capturing of their wedding moments is something they normally would not skimp on. However, even if you are willing to splurge,

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