Chris Ling


Chris Ling started out in 1993 as a wedding photographer and has developed a wealth of experience in studio, outdoor and journalistic wedding photography over the years. For the past two decades, he has built the signature Chris Ling style and technique that has become a selling point, setting industry standards for high quality and professionalism. With his valuable knowledge in the fine technical aspect of photography, and his soft skills in directing photography subjects, his studio, Chris Ling International Photographers, has gained popularity in the market among bridal couples.

Aside from his unique shooting style and his strength in storytelling, he never stops creating and experimenting with new concepts for his wedding photo shoots. By incorporating a “street photography” style, he has produced candid yet intimate behind-the-scenes moments of the couples for them to cherish. His work in wedding photography also allowed him to fulfil his wanderlust. With extensive globetrotting to many countries, he took the opportunity to explore, research, and gain insight into viable overseas photo shoot locations for his couples.

His expertise in photography and passion in providing quality service to bridal couples extends to his team at Chris Ling International Photographers. With an all-inclusive, high-end studio that is equipped with professional technology, his team and him dedicate their hard work and time to carefully plan, craft, and create timeless wedding images. While constantly learning and honing his craft, he offers his best to wedding couples through his approach to photography, exceeding expectations and delivering satisfaction.