Best Ways to Pose to Look Taller in Your Wedding Photos

Looking bad and unflattering in your photos should come last on your list. For your wedding photos, you can never see the final output until you get your hands on your personalised wedding album. Although it is inevitable that there will be a few shots that will look unflattering, still, you would not want all your photos to look completely devastating and confidence-crushing.

However, this can be avoided by following your best wedding photographers’ directives and doing a bit of research on how to look best in your photos. Since professional photographers know how to work on setup, they can also direct you in doing various poses to help you look thinner and taller in some of the pictures.

Looking supermodel-like in your photos is something that you can do. With a few bouts of practice and projection, surely, you can achieve a look that is flattering. The right position and posture help a lot in looking different in photos.

If you want to learn more about the different ways on how to pose to appear taller, thinner, and slender in your photos, continue reading this article to give a heads up on how to work on your angles:

Play With Your Angles
Ask your wedding photographer for tips and tricks to make your legs look slender and taller. Typically, what they would do is to position the camera from below. Doing so helps you appear taller. Positioning the camera and lens from the bottom up in a particular angle helps elongate your legs and figure, which gives the illusion of added height. Although a shot from below takes a bit of practice to help ensure that your best angle is photographed properly. Especially for shots taken in a photo studio rental, it is much easier to find the right angle for the light to bounce off your face as natural light is much trickier to play with.

Place One Foot A Step Forward
This is like the oldest tricks used by models and celebrities. Putting your foot at least a step forward creates the illusion of slender legs and taller appearance. It creates a dimension that tricks the eyes of the viewers that you are indeed tall.

Project By Walking
Ask your photographer if he or she can talk walking photos of you. Standing still in photos are old school and what you can do to spice up your shoot is to do walking shot by striding fluidly against a surface. Walking or striding makes your legs appear longer and slender giving you that taller appearance. Just like putting a foot forward, walking tricks the eyes of people in giving you a taller appearance.

Stand Up Straight
One of the most unflattering postures that you can have is slouching. It makes you look stressed and unkempt. The last thing that you want to happen is to make yourself look shorter than you are actually is! A good posture is key to look better and confident in your photos. Keep your head up and your chin out while standing straight with shoulder pull together. It adds height and makes you beautiful. Positioning your head and torso is also applicable if you are in the sitting position, so keep these in mind.

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