Best Moments Every Photographer Must Capture in a Wedding

As a wedding photographer, you might have witnessed the most amazing moments on-and-off camera during weddings. These moments are priceless and irreplaceable, and that is why you are there to capture them in photographs and videos for memories.

The exchange of vows, their first kiss as husband and wife and the traditional activities during the reception are all one of the precious moments that occur in a wedding. Of course, it is your job as a wedding photographer to capture these moments as beautifully as they are. Based on our experience here at Chris Ling International Photographers, below are some of the best moments that you should capture in order to produce a well-documented and intimate wedding photo album and video that your clients will surely appreciate.

The bride and groom’s preparation
A great wedding starts off with detailed preparation that happens hours before the actual event itself. On their big day, a couple would start getting ready and being prepped by their hired makeup artists and stylists. This is a very essential scenario on the wedding day as you can capture almost all the raw emotions and beautiful candid shots that will surely serve as a great tool for your clients to reminisce from once the wedding and celebration is over. It is a great time to capture the moments when the couple’s family are helping with the preparations as well.

The gate crashing and tea ceremony
In Chinese tradition, the groom has to take part in a gate crashing ceremony where he and his groomsmen has to participate in various games and activities set up by the bridesmaids before he can enter the bride’s house to see her. This segment of the wedding is often termed as one that brings the most fun and laughter in the wedding journey and you must be sure to capture the essence of it. The tea ceremony takes place afterwards with the couple exchanging Chinese tea for red packets with their family members. The best wedding photographers must understand that this is an important tradition that clients will not want to miss in their photos.

The moment the parents of the bride hand their daughter to her future husband
This is one of the most beautiful moments in a wedding. The handover of a bride’s hand from her father or parents to her husband is a priceless memory. It is a sign of trust and acceptance of the groom to the family and is a moment that should not go uncaptured. An actual day wedding videographer will be ready to record these moments and compile them to a video for the actual wedding lunch or wedding dinner later in the day.

The moment they exchange vows and rings
This particular scenario in a wedding must be documented properly. The wedding vows and exchange of rings is the most important part of the ceremony and most couples would often want to go back to this part of their ceremony when they finally get to watch their documented event. This particular scenario in the wedding is very heartfelt and must definitely not be missed.

The entrance of the couple in the reception hall
Probably the first photos to be captured together officially as husband and wife, the entrance of the couple to the reception hall must not go undocumented. This is where the wedding couple will be dressed in their gorgeous wedding gown and suit while walking hand in hand towards their first greeting to their guests as a wedded couple. There may even be little flower girls and boys that will bring up the romantic atmosphere with flower petals that they throw along the path of the wedding aisle. Position yourself in front of the couple such that you will be able to capture them walking towards you without you hindering their path.

To understand more about the knacks behind wedding photography, you should learn from the experiences of professional wedding photographers that have been in the industry for years. Attend a wedding photography workshop with Chris Ling International Photographers and find out how you can improve the quality of your work or pursue further in your interest.

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