Beautiful Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations You Need to Know

Among the first few steps that couples take when planning for their wedding is figuring out where to shoot their pre-wedding photos and videos. A popular option among many couples is to have their prenuptial photos and videos shot overseas. Fortunately, if you and fiancée are on a budget, you do not need to have you pre wedding photoshoot taken overseas. Despite being a small country, Singapore is marked with different beautiful spots where you can have your pre wedding photoshoot taken.

Below are some unique places that you should consider when you are planning for your pre-nuptial photoshoot and videoshoot:

Stadiums Or Sports Arenas

Whether you and your partner are sports junkies or not, having your pre-wedding photos and videos shot inside a sports arena or stadium is one of the best ways to showcase creativity. With various locations such as the Singapore Sports Hub, the National Stadium and many more, you can definitely get beautiful shots taken with the colourful stadium seats and open space as your background.

Lush Gardens

If both of you have an affinity for nature, you might want to consider getting your photos shot in the gardens around Singapore. The country is boasting with different natural and man-made gardens that are perfect for nature-themed shots. You can try the famous Botanic Gardens or Gardens By The Bay to capture the vivid colors of the plants that will compliment your gowns in your pre-wedding photos and videos.


Even though Singapore is boasting with modern architectures, you can still see and locate various places that are filled with lush greeneries such as the Cloud Forest, Coney Island and East Coast Park. These locations are popular for couples that love to go green and embrace the beauty of nature. Forests provide a dreamy and warm atmosphere in your pre-wedding memoirs that are perfect for taking whimsical photos.

Historical Places Or Landmarks

Historical places or landmarks are famous spots that couples love to have their photoshoots as well. In this case, many couples would often go for the famous Fort Canning Park. Aside from the lush greeneries surrounding the ruins, the place is also boasting with historical infrastructures that will take you back in history. The architecture of the place is very picturesque and is truly a perfect location for a fairytale-like photoshoot.

Colorful & Vintage Inspired Streets

Singapore is rich in culture, history, and boasting of both traditional and modern architectures. One of the most recognizable places around the country is the world renowned Haji Lane. It is an attention-grabbing strip of road that houses colourful and vintage shops and cafes that create a beautiful background for photos. Haji Lane is ideal for couples that want to be adventurous and playful in their pre-wedding shoot. Other aesthetically pleasing places to have your shoot include Joo Chiat Road, Universal Studios Singapore and Tiong Bahru Estates. These streets are lined with shops of different styles that provide an intriguing and creative background for your shoot.

It is a good idea to explore these areas before your actual pre wedding photoshoot in Singapore to see for yourself what they have to offer. This will help you make a better choice of your photoshoot location that you can suggest to your wedding photographer. Of course, apart from these attractive locations, you can also go to a location that is meaningful to both you and your partner. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

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