An Awesome Studio Warming

We had a fantastic time during the launch of our new studio over the weekend, it was simply delightful to have our working partners join us. To our boutique partners, Amanda Lee, Dang Bridal, Divine Couture, Silhouette, and Silverlining, thank you for your support throughout these years. A special note to LeGrand Wedding and ZWedding, the flower stand was simply gorgeous, thank you very much for the generosity you have shown us.

We had a small lunch reception for our invited partners and guests and used De Calla for the catering. I must say their food was simply delicious, and most importantly it was fresh. None of that stale, dry, texture I had experienced with some other caterers. They serve Hong Kong cantonese cuisines and local foods; some of their signature dishes include Bi Feng Tang Fried Rice, Shark Fin Soup with Crabmeat, Prawn Ball with Wasabi Salad Cream, and Braised Beef Brisket. So if you’re in need of a caterer, do browse through their menu at We’re happy to have involve them with our open house, and for the next weekend they are giving away $50 catering vouchers to our studio launch attendees.

We are continuing our studio open house promotional packages this coming weekend of 10th and 11th November, and it is still not too late to drop us a visit. Pardon me if we sound like a nag, but do remember to RSVP via our Perfect Weddings Portal with your desired time of arrival.

We shall end off thanking LeGrand and ZWedding once again for bringing their gowns and their designers over to our new studio. Our couples who had yet to decide which boutique they would don for their wedding had a chance to try out wedding gowns. It was a wonderful experience for them. They will also be attending this coming weekend.

To our guests who joined us on the first weekend of our launch, the Chris Ling team thank you for letting us partake in your nuptials! To future guests coming by the second weekend, we are definitely looking forward to and attending to you.

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